Ben Affleck’s latest movie (directed by George Clooney) is on Amazon Prime Video called “The Tender Bar”, and he recently sat down with buddy Matt Damon to talk about his career for Entertainment Weekly.

During their chat, the his 1998 movie “Armageddon” came up:
“I was a little naive about the opinions people would form about me,” Ben shared. “Or Michael [Bay] and Jerry [Bruckheimer]’s focus on aesthetics, like, ‘You guys gotta go to the tanning bed!’ They made me fix my teeth and work out and be sexy. Be sexy, how do I do that? ‘Go to the gym!’ Running in the gym and putting oil on my body and stuff, and it just turned out to be a long-form version of one of those male topless calendars, in a garage, carrying a tire, kind of greased up.”

“Michael had a vision of a glistening male torso in the oil, and he was like, ‘That’s going to go in the trailer and sell tickets!’ And you know, what can you say?” Ben continued.

“It’s funny because that’s the one movie of mine that my kids have watched and they’ll kind of all admit to liking,” the actor, who shares three kids with ex Jennifer Garner, admitted. “Even though they relentlessly mock it and me. ‘What are you, driving a tank on the moon?’ But they had fun, you know what I mean? They won’t even watch The Town. So, there you have it.”


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