Melissa Rycroft, best-known for her appearance on season 13 of the “Bachelor”, has mysteriously fallen ill since her return from a vacation in the Dominican Republic – in the same week an eighth US citizen suddenly died during a visit to the Caribbean country.

Rycroft revealed her battle with the strange and unidentified bug on Instagram in a serious of posts, saying she is undergoing treatment to combat her mysteriously low blood pressure, high-fever and extreme stomach cramping. The TV personality’s symptoms are similar to those exhibited by dozens of other American citizens who have either fallen ill or suddenly died while visiting the Dominican Republic over the past year.

Rycroft had been staying at the five-star Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Canta with her family when she was suddenly struck down by the illness. Her hotel suite cost $1,100 per night based on two adults and three children sharing.

** The FBI is reportedly currently investigating whether the ‘dead’ tourists had drunk tainted liquor.


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