Baby Chanco’s Hair is So Incredible It Has It’s Own Instagram Account

Baby Chanco’s hair is like nothing you’ve ever seen on a baby and all of Instagram is in awe of these flowing locks!

Not many babies are born with a full head of hair. More times than not, a baby’s head looks like a mass of ill fated, male pattern baldness. Doing anything fancy with it requires a lot of finesse and know how. However, none of that is the case for baby Chanco who has mesmerized Instagram with her full head of full bodied hair.

Are you seeing this?! How is this possible? What sort of pre-natal vitamins was mom taking to make this possible? There is no way this is all genetics. I’m calling shenanigans and demanding a league standard test for performance enhancing drugs. That hair is certainly a sight to behold!

Bed head game is on point.

Baby Chanco’s got herself close to 100,000 Instagram followers. You should probably be one of them too. Tap HERE.



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