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Auntie Ann’s DIY Pretzel Kits Are Now Here For Delivery

Auntie Anne’s gets it (and knows you might miss their warm pretzels from the kiosks in the mall), so they arenow selling DIY At-Home Pretzel kits that will be fun for you and the fam!

Every kit comes with enough supplies to make 10 whole pretzels, so you can make them all at once or have these on the back burner for any necessary snacking.  They come with the mix to make the pretzel dough, and then it’s up to you to twist them into the pretzel shape and make them perfect—no pressure! The packages also come with salt for topping or the sweet cinnamon sugar mix that coats everyone’s favorite snack from Auntie Anne’s.

If this weren’t good enough news, the kits can be ordered straight to your house from the Auntie Anne’s website so you don’t even have to worry about leaving!



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