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Ariana Grande got a good start on Nickelodeon in acting and she’s had a lot of practice lately filming the upcoming Wicked movie, so it only makes sense that she also jumped in on some of the Saturday Night Live sketches on top of her duties as the musical guest over the weekend with host Josh Brolin.

Up above, she’s “Satin” in an unserious PBS segment they call Movie Musical Masterpieces where they focus on Moulin Rouge. Down below, you’ll see her playing Serafina, a people pleaser in a support group who needs help asking her boss for a raise.

In her musical appearances, Ari showed off brand new music from her album “eternal sunshine.” She started off with “we can’t be friends (wait for your love)” surrounded by a green screen living room that soon became an ocean and later a cotton-candy-colored sky into a galaxy. Could this be her next single?

Her next performance was introduced by her mom, Joan Grande. She sang “imperfect for you” surrounded by tall grasses to simulated a meadow at sundown into the night.


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