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Ariana Grande really showed her heart in her latest interview with Jimmy Fallon and not just because she heard someone sneeze in the audience and offered them a “bless you.” She was very modest in hearing all of the host’s praise about her and her work over the years.

In their little catch-up session, Jimmy and Ariana went over how Ari tried to subliminally tell him over a Zoom call that she got the role of Glinda the Good Witch in “Wicked” by wearing a pink choker — she wasn’t allowed to spill the beans yet. The two of them agreed that they didn’t expect Ariana to put out another album until “Wicked” released, but Ariana explained that when the SAG-AFTRA strike was happening, she booked studio time and her album came together. We’re glad she didn’t wait because the movie doesn’t hit theaters until November 27, 2024!

Jimmy wrapped the interview with a gift. Years ago, Ariana gave him a sweatshirt with her baby picture on it and he returned the favor with one donning his baby picture on it.


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Later on in the show, Ariana Grande performed “the boy is mine.” She swapped her bunny-eared look from “Dangerous Woman” for a cat-eared look.


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