There just may be an Ariana Grande-inspired drink coming to Starbucks!

Earlier today, Starbucks tweeted a chart to help determine your “cloud name,” which seems super random until you see the rest of their tweets today.


Starbucks’ next tweet is a photo of a heart-shaped cloud (clouds are a serious theme here, people). When you zoom in on the heart, it says, “thank you, next.”

Something is happening here!

Starbucks’ most recent tweet is another photo of a cloud, with the hidden message: “live your life out cloud.”

I thought at first that Starbucks could just be jammin to Ari but then she did this…



Starbucks is being unusually cryptic on Instagram, posting several videos of what appears to be sugar or sweetener in the shape of clouds because that is the whole theme!


☁✨ sound on ☁✨

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Are we getting a sugary dessert in the shape of a cloud? A new Ariana approved drink?

We’ll find out something tomorrow, according to her tweet, thank goodness. Starbucks AND Ariana Grande—the basic b*tches aren’t going to know what to do with themselves (myself included)!

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