Rumors are beginning to swirl of an impending Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn engagement but are the rumors over blown or is it inevitable?

What do we REALLY know about the Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn relationship? Zilch. We have tons of speculation and rumors from supposed sources inside their camps. But the couple have mostly remained pretty tight lipped about their romance.

But, according to Cosmo, Joe is planning to propose in the near future. Now, here we go with the “sources” again.

One source claims that Joe WANTS to marry Taylor and Taylor wants to marry Joe. Ok, cool…so they WANT to get married. That’s an important first step. However, this source goes on to say that Joe is just waiting for the right time and place to make it memorable.

I’ll just say what we’re all thinking.

Joe…you two basically live your lives on vacation. You can go anywhere and do anything at any time. To say that you’re just “waiting for the right time to make it special” is a cop out. Yo…book that flight to Santorini, spring for the Honeymoon Suite at the Homeric Poems hotel complete with rose petals on the bed and get it done. We’re not getting any younger and neither is Taylor.

Of course I say all of this having dated my wife for 10 years before asking her to marry me HAHAHA!

A Taylor and Joe Marriage

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