After a well received rebrand, Louisvillians will notice Muhammad Ali International Airport’s new look begin to materialize in 2020!

The estimated price of the project has doubled twice now, from $100M to $200M from concept to rebrand in June, and from 200 to the now $400 just announced on Monday. Still, the five-to-six year plan to upgrade machinery, increase efficiency and parking and beautify the areas in and around the airport campus is said to begin as early as the coming summer by Dan Mann, Executive Director.

“If you want to be the best airport, you’ve got to have a ‘wow effect,’ so we’re in the process now of designing this façade,” Mann said. “About 50% of the market is people coming here to do business, many of them for the first time, so when they get off that airplane and come through the facility, we want them to say, ‘Wow, Louisville’s happening. This is a proud gateway.’”

The airport quite literally can’t get larger land wise — sandwiched between a Ford Motor Co. plant and the Watterson Expressway, there isn’t much room. Instead, Mann said, the airport will enhance operations internally and aesthetically.

To read more details on changes to come and see more digital renderings. check out this article on Louisville Business First

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