This idea is getting a lot of talk recently after Coachella…and several Backstreet Boys would be down with a joint tour and music IF one person signed on. JT.

In a clip from his appearance on Sunday’s episode of E!’s LADYGANG, AJ MClean makes his pitch for the ultimate ‘90s boy band nostalgia tour.

“I think Justin should come back. One tour. All ten of us go out. Stadiums,” he says. “It would be the biggest thing since sliced bread.”

“I think it’d be awesome,” he adds, before addressing Justin directly. “So dude, let’s just talk about it!”

Rumors have been swirling about *NSYNC reuniting as a foursome – without Justin – ever since they took the stage with Ariana Grande at Coachella. But is it really a reunion if all five members aren’t present?



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