ABC is lining up a new candid camera series anchored by “Pranxperts” Johnny Knoxville, Eric André, and Gabourey Sidibe. The Prank Panel is expected next year where they listen to pitches from everyday people, and then acting as mentors for their practical jokes. “Every year, millions of pranks go un-pulled because wannabe pranksters don’t have the know-how — or the resources — to pull them off,” André says in a trailer. Knoxville adds, “Eric, Gabby, and I will serve as an esteemed panel of experts and we’ll listen to pitches from prank dreamers across the globe.”

The show will feature a mix of real people and celebrity guests, and will offer a behind-the-scenes look at how practiced pranksters pull off their elaborate stunts. Knoxville and André earned their “pranxpert” status with the Jackass franchise. Sidibe famously pranked Jimmy Kimmel on his wedding day by walking down the aisle in a full gown in place of his almost-wife, Molly.

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