Aaron Carter, who was found dead at his home on Saturday at 34, just wrapped filming last month on a pilot for Group, an indie sitcom set in group therapy and centered on mental health advocacy. Director and writer Brian Farmer said the production received blessing from Carter’s management to move forward and intend to complete the project in his honor.

The pilot is in post-production and will be shopped around to networks. “Aaron was so excited about the show and helping raise awareness for mental health, a topic he was very passionate about,” Farmer said. “He said being a part of the show gave him something positive to work toward, and I’ll forever cherish that.”

Carter had been vocal about his mental health struggles and various diagnoses, including schizophrenia and anxiety, and his character is a fictionalized version of him.

And he had a new album drop one day after his death.  ‘Blacklisted’ has been released early, in the wake of his tragic death. The 11-track record was slated to drop Wednesday, Dec. 7, which would have been his 35th birthday.

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