A New Lord of The Rings Movie…Kinda

Audience Screaming in Movie Theater

The Lord of The Rings saga began on the pages of a book and found it’s way to the rolling hills of New Zealand for filming. Now, we just might have another.

The epic Lord of The Rings movies are based on the books of the same name by legendary author J.R.R. Tolkein. Many have sited his books as being some of the most difficult to read due to the sheer number of locations and characters and even more so because Tolkein vented his own language. When his books became a 4 part movie epic, each installment was greeted with more fan fare than the one before it.

Many who have seen the movies have never read his books. Even fewer may know who J.R.R. Tolkein is. A new movie aims to end the mystery.

It would appear that some of the epic battles in the Lord of The Rings saga may have been inspired by Tolkein’s experiences in World War 2. I’m a huge Lord of The Rings nerd, so I will consider this the prequel to all of them.



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