Source: YouTube

The video of former Ohio bus driver Jackie Miller shouting at students after she said she was fed up with a group of disrespectful kids went viral and captured national attention.

Now, the GoFundMe campaign started on her behalf has raised more than $111,000. A guy named Jeff started the GoFundMe…he didn’t know her but he’s got two young kids and he saw it as an opportunity to shine the light on a bigger problem. A t-shirt company is even selling shirts with a quote from the video that says “My foot’s gonna be so far up your a** it’s gonna dangle from your nose”! And $5 of every shirt sold goes to her…they’ve sold over 5,000 so far!

Now this is not without controversy…she knows people are mad at her shouting and using some profanity but she doesn’t regret it.  She says “There are people out there that are angry, and I understand if the shoe were on the other foot I would be, too, until I found out exactly what had happened.”

What do you think of how this played out?


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