This is such an epic saga that captivated Tik Tok… Sydney Fowls took advantage of Southwest Airline’s two bags fly-free policy in order to win a $20 bet.  Sydney was flying from Ohio to Tampa when she checked in a pool noodle on a flight from Columbus, and she documented the pool noodle’s journey on Tik Tok.  Why? “It was a $20 bet!! As a broke college student who is an education major… I just couldn’t resist,” plus…she didn’t have to pay to check it.


@sydneyfowls05My pool noodle made it back home to Ohio! Thank you Southwest Airlines for everything you did for me! @flysouthwest @junebug2433 #viral

♬ SexyBack (feat. Timbaland) – Justin Timberlake

Well it got a ton of people invested.  It’s racked up nearly 11 million views and got the attention of Southwest. They loved it and reached out to give her a Southwest-branded pool noodle in the middle of Tampa International Airport.  Sydney said “The amazing Southwest employees filled the baggage claim with pool noodles and beach balls to show their appreciation saying it made their day!”



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