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A Bunch Of People Named Josh Showed Up For A Pool Noodle Fight In Nebraska

The ultimate Josh has been declared! Over the weekend, hundreds of people named Josh gathered at Air Park in Lincoln, Nebraska, to hilariously battle with pool noodles over their shared name after a joke from last year turned into a complete spectacle.

This whole idea came from 22-year-old Arizona college student Josh Swain who sent a Facebook message last April to dozens of other people who shared his first name. he jokingly told the other Joshese to meet at a location in Lincoln on April 24, 2021, for the fight and the group message went viral on Facebook. So then Josh #1 starting seriously trying to make it happen, posting details about the event on social media several months ago. 


Well hundreds of fellow Joshes (some wearing superhero costumes) showed up with pool noodles at Air Park for the fun battle, which raised money for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Foundation. He also used it to host a food drive for a local food bank. People not named Josh also showed up to cheer them on and wore T-shirts and held signs that had messages of support like “Team Josh” and “I’m with Josh.”

Ultimately, 5-year-old Lincoln resident Josh Vinson Jr. was named the winner of the “Battle of the Joshes,” and received a Burger King crown!

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