A Body Language Expert Analyzes Beyoncé’s Moments Of Power… And Shame

We all show body language all of the time, but imagine you have the amount of eyes on you that celebrities do. That is a LOT of eyes. Unfortunately for the people we look up to like Beyoncé, that means plenty of people also analyzing things like their body language. That also means there are some things we can learn from it.

The Showbiz CheatSheet writes that body language expert and behavioral expert Darren Stanton has looked into Beyoncé and Jay-Z specifically. The article reads in Stanton’s words,

Jay-Z tends to walk behind Beyoncé and also puts his hand on her back. This is a gesture we often see with Meghan and Harry. It’s not about ownership but it’s saying that ‘we’re a strong couple. We are connected.’

But what do this mean for Beyoncé? What is she feeling when she puts her hands on his hips like we see so often on the red carpet on and stage (and quite literally on the cover photo of this blog post)? She’s showing her sense of individual POWER. Stanton added,

You’ll notice the more space somebody occupies by putting their hands on their hips which is something Beyoncé tends to do a lot at red carpet and music events, [or] when she’s having a photoshoot, she’ll put her hand on her hips. And that’s saying, not in an arrogant way but saying, ‘I’m the most powerful person here.’

We’re taking notes already. But what about shame? When is a time when our beloved Queen Bey felt a sense of shame in public? Think about the time when her husband, Jay-Z was accepting the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award at the GRAMMYs and threw in the bit about his wife not being properly nominated for Album of the Year.

Beyoncé bowed her head and looked to the left, which the body language expert notes was a sign of shame. Womp womp. We’ve all been there. It seems like they had NOT discussed that part of his speech ahead of time maybe.


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In other Beyoncé news, her follow-up country album to Renaissance, Cowboy Carter, is set to release on March 29 and we expect nothing but classic western body language… Like a bowlegged walk or something? We don’t know. LOL!

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