Whhhhaaaaatttttt??!!! Does this mean something? Is someone just playing with our emotions???

Here’s the deal: One Direction’s official Instagram account recently liked the news of the band’s fans winning Capital FM’s best fans competition in the UK.

It got people thinking, ‘Who re-activated the account?’

During an interview on Capital FM, Liam Payne was asked about the action and he was kind of coy. He said, “Oh my… I mean, who was that? Did anybody sign off on it? Putting like an ‘L’? That wouldn’t make sense though, that could be me or Louis. We’d have to figure that one out.”

So they pressed him on it to which he said, “I don’t know actually. I don’t even know if I know the password to that account.” Fans are trying to figure out who is responsible for this.



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