19-year-old waitress, Hanna Pignato, jumped off 20 feet off of a pier to save a young boy’s life who was stuck in a rip current! In the process, she saved the  eight-year-old boy but broke her back  in three places and the heel of her foot.

Hanna was on the Main Street Pier in Daytona Beach, Florida, working at Joe’s Crab Shack when she saw a mother frantically trying to get help for her son who had been drawn into the rip current while boogie boarding. Hanna came to the rescue by running down the steps from the restaurant to the pier, dropped off her phone and dove in!

Unfortunately she misjudged the depth and hit a sandbar causing the injuries. She made her way to the boy, but then the two of them had to be saved from the water.  There is currently a a GoFundMe page trying to raise $75,000 for Hanna stating that she does not have any insurance.

Considering her injuries and living in a third floor apartment with no elevator, she will have to miss work. Her bravery is amazing and our thoughts go out to her!!!!

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