14 Benefits of Staying Single
Portrait of confident female entrepreneur standing with hand on hip while holding digital tablet at creative office

Relationships can be great, but there are benefits to living the single life. According to the website PowerofPositivity.com, there are plenty of benefits to not having a romantic relationship.

These benefits include:

  • More time to learn about yourself
  • Learning new skills
  • Ability to flirt with people and not anger a significant other
  • Traveling whenever and wherever you want
  • Spending more time on other relationships
  • You get the bed to yourself
  • Time to focus
  • Time to help others
  • Less complicated decision-making
  • Doing whatever you want
  • Pursuing meaningful work
  • Focusing on health
  • Promoting self-resiliency
  • Avoiding settling

Do you agree that these are positive aspects of being single? Do you think there are just as many benefits to being in a relationship?

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