You’ll Never Believe What The #1 Sensual Song Is For Australia

What do you do when you want to set the mood?  Get out some candles and put on some sensual music!

Well, when you search “sex” on Spotify in Australia the top song is the ‘Star Wars’ Cantina Band song.  Yes, this is the #1 sex track down under.

To be fair, the other top songs on the list are a little more normal for the survey, with “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih in second place, then “Sex” by Cheat Codes and Kris Kross Amsterdam in third.

Here’s the Top 10 according to Spotify:

  1. “Cantina Band” (from the Star Wars: A New Hope Soundtrack) – John Williams
  2. “Birthday Sex” – Jeremih
  3. “Sex” (Cheat Codes X Kris Kross Amsterdam) – Cheat Codes
  4. “Sex With Me” – Rihanna
  5. “Pony” – Ginuwine
  6. “Sex on Fire” – Kings of Leon
  7. “Often” – The Weeknd
  8. “Earned It” (from the Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack) – The Weeknd
  9. “Thinkin Bout You” – Frank Ocean
  10. “Slow Motion” – Trey Songz


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