Whoops! Mom Accidentally Packs Alcohol In Teen’s Lunch

As a new parent, I can relate to being so tired you can barely think in the morning, but what one parent did could’ve gotten her daughter expelled.

17-year-old McKenzie Strange’s tweet is going viral after her mother’s big mistake packing her lunch. It seems McKenzie’s mom was half-asleep and mistook a 4Loko alcoholic energy drink, for a “Peace Tea” can. McKenzie texted her mom when she opened up her lunch and noticed something didn’t seem right. She then posted a pic on twitter for us all to enjoy. Haha

McKenzie’s mom has now become a bit of an internet celeb for her mistake. She told Buzzfeed that she will, “get a cup of coffee before [she tries] and pack lunches from now on.”

At least McKenzie didn’t just drink it and just get lit at school. That could’ve turned out real bad!

From now on though, I’d like her mother to pack my lunch…..and I prefer Bourbon. Thanks.

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