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by Ben Davis posted Jul 22 2014 7:32AM
Carol Kirkwood is a weather reporter on the BBC Breakfast show in the UK annnnnnnnnnnd is upstaged by a dog on the beach.... taking a dump. lololol

Today the forecast looks... hot and steamy?

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by Ben Davis posted Jul 22 2014 6:54AM
Really, there's nothing greater than seeing your grandpa losing himself in the music.... haha

Here's the full video for your enjoyment:

by Alex posted Jul 21 2014 12:23PM

Jessie is my new Hero. For holding an open "boyfriend audition", but also calling out Natalie Portman.


by Alex posted Jul 21 2014 11:14AM

How is this for the cutest video of the day?

by Kelly K posted Jul 21 2014 7:26AM
You should probably invest 12 minutes to experience Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco signing up on Tinder.

Team Coco for the win.

You should probably also see the outtakes...

More HERE.

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by Ben Davis posted Jul 21 2014 6:09AM
I'm not going to say a word. Not...... a....... word. ;-)

Funny or tacky?

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by Ben Davis posted Jul 21 2014 5:45AM
This is funny! 2-year-old Kyla is beside herself because her dad "stole her nose." lol

Kyla's dad played the old "got your nose" game and pretended to grab her nose. Not realizing that her nose was in fact still connected to her face, Kyla began to bawl her eyes out.

Good news! After much pleading, Kyla's father finally returned her nose.

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by Kelly K posted Jul 18 2014 6:55AM
Two students at Harvard invented spray cake batter. They came up with the cake batter in a spray can for a class project. It comes out of the can pre-risen, so it bakes in less time and is microwavable.

They also say it's organic and has less chemicals than traditional box cakes.
The two have already found a seller and now they are looking for a local manufacturer so they can start selling it at stores.


More HERE.

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by Jake posted Jul 16 2014 3:00PM

Thank you, "Weird Al" Yankovic for the following masterpiece. I cannot stand when people use improper grammar. It isn't that difficult. Pay attention to the lyrics, mouth breathers...

by Alex posted Jul 16 2014 12:47PM

Oh no! The girl featured in my favorite meme ever might be suing Instagram!

Memes are to Instagram as videos are to Vine: a complete necessity. If you sift through the selfies, food porn, and dog photos, you get to see to heart of what Instagram really is…hilarious memes. Nobody knows this more than Alabama teen Keisha Johnson, whose face was made a staple of Instagram not too long ago.

Johnson's confused "WTF-face" was appropriate for almost any occasion, and the social media platform quickly took notice. The now infamous "WTF-face" was posted onto thousands and thousands of memes. Granted, it's understandable that Johnson wasn't too pleased with her picture going viral given that it wasn't the best photo of her. Johnson, also known as the "confused girl," is now suing Instagram for $500 million for defamation of character. Johnson states, "My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up…I look nothing like that in really life…I'm really a bad b*tch!"

Too bad suing the company isn't actually going to work. Remember those pesky "terms and conditions" nobody actually reads? Well, in Instagram's case they state that the users of the social network are responsible for the content they share.

So, in reality, Johnson should be suing her friend who uploaded the picture. Technically she is the one responsible for starting the "confused girl" movement.

UPDATE: Sources are now confirming this story to be a hoax. Thank goodness. Cause I love confused face girl.

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