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by Alex posted Jun 30 2014 12:44PM

This police department from Waltham, Massachusettes tweeted a photo making fun of a kid who wrecked during their Drivers Ed lesson. Too harsh or hilarious?



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by Ben Davis posted Jun 30 2014 11:26AM
The University has been preparing for this moment...
Now there's a big FREE event planned to help usher the Cards to the ACC July 1st beginning at 5pm at 4th St Live!
The free event will begin with live entertainment and video presentations at 5 p.m. with Louisville's in-stadium DJ, K-Dogg, followed by a program at 6 p.m. The program will include special messages from Louisville coaches and student-athletes, fan giveaways, and plenty of surprises. A concert featuring the Louisville Crashers will cap the celebration on the main stage following the program. There will be food and beverage specials at participating establishments in Fourth Street Live! surrounding the celebration.
Click Jennifer Lawrence's photo to HEAR her usher U of L to the ACC!


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by Ben Davis posted Jun 30 2014 9:35AM
The World Cup has been incredibly entertaining thus far, because of the amazing soccer being played.... oh and the announcers.

Like Jermaine Jone's goal against Portugal...

How about the James Rodríguez goal that put Colombia up 1-0 on Uruguay?

You should probably HEAR how the Colombian TV announcers called that one HERE

Or Pulido's goal...

So great!

Oh, and what if we celebrated everyday things the way the soccer announcers did??


YES!! More! More!

Make it STOP!!

by Ben Davis posted Jun 27 2014 8:04AM
All I know is that I can honestly say this is the 1st time I've ever watched a commercial for tampons and thought, "wow, that is fantastic."

by Ben Davis posted Jun 27 2014 5:36AM
This new gun safety PSA has people talking.  It shows kids sword fighting with.... adult toys. This is to illustrate their point about leaving guns where children can find them.... because they'll play with them.

Yea.... lock those up too.

by Kelly K posted Jun 26 2014 9:10AM
These haikus perfectly sum up your life...if you are a single chick in her 20s!

Never too old for 
Sleepovers with your bestie 
Now they can have wine

Give me tequila 
It is five o'clock somewhere 
I love you José

A burrito, please 
Yes, I know guac is extra 
It's not my first time.

Mean Girls all the time 
The limit does not exist 
To how much I watch

Dropped food on the floor 
Then picked it up and ate it 
Seven-second rule

Sparkly pants or nah? 
Probably yes, with cat shirt. 
Where is my Kate Spade.

Waiting for package 
Ordered cute dress for concert 
Will be one day late. :’(

Blister on my toe. 
Just bought new summer wedges. 
Well, beauty is pain.

Thank you, Cosmopolitan!!

by Kelly K posted Jun 26 2014 6:00AM
A little Miami Marlins fan went bonkers when he noticed he was on the Fan Cam...
and it is UH-MAZING.



by Alex posted Jun 25 2014 12:40PM


Conceptual artists Bompas & Parr created the boobtastic bouncy castle. Titled "Jump for Joy," the piece is part of a new exhibit called "Funland: Pleasures and Perils of the Erotic Underground," at New York City's Museum of Sex. 

The video is on another level...


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by Ben Davis posted Jun 25 2014 6:01AM
This video describes everything wrong with our generation on social media.... 

Well.... that's thought provoking.  Go out and LIVE your life! :)

by Ben Davis posted Jun 25 2014 5:46AM
Remember that viral video of first kisses between strangers?  Well, here's the follow up.  He gathered acquaintances, friends both casual and close, paired them randomly, put them in a void, and then asked them to hit each other in the face....

Looks fun.  Here's our version (Kelly only managed to capture the aftermath of the Ben/Alex slap)

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