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by Ben Davis posted Oct 20 2014 8:13AM
He gets his weiner caught in the doors of the subway... caught in the door!!

by Ben Davis posted Oct 20 2014 5:51AM
Alex got a chance to catch up with Demi Lovato before her show at the KFC Yum! Center!


Interviewed @ddlovato tonight! Look for the video on #lovatics #demilovato btw, IM THE ONE WHO TOLD HER @NickJonas congratulated her on being farted on SHE DIDNT KNOW YET

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 20 2014 5:46AM
I was really hoping for this to fail....

by Ben Davis posted Oct 17 2014 8:58AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Taylor Swift is kind of amazing. She found a bunch of fans across the US and UK and invited them to hear her new album "1989" first!
These sessions were top secret and became known as the "1989 Secret Sessions." Here's how is all came together....

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by Kelly K posted Oct 17 2014 7:51AM
Old people are smart.

by Ben Davis posted Oct 17 2014 6:00AM
It's become a tradition. Thanks to Sid the Clown and our friends over at Field of Screams we gently wake you up with a chainsaw-wielding masked man. Fun.



4th Grader Meagan and 6th Grader Tracey....oh no...

14 year-old Derrick looks happy!

Congrats Bobby.... you get to be 1st.

Want to do it to your friend? E-Mail us HERE with name, address, phone number, & person we're waking up!

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 17 2014 5:42AM
(Photo Credit: 9News)
Well, this is terrifying. A tropical spider burrowed into the skin of some guy in Australia and stayed there for THREE days before doctors finally figured out what was causing the nasty marks on his chest...... nope.

Doctors called in a dermatologist, who finally figured out the spider had got inside his skin via a scar from a recent appendectomy and plucked the spider from his skin.... OH MY LORD, NO!!!

The spider, which was dead when it was removed, has been sent off for tests, and Dylan is expected to learn what species it was in the coming days. He summed it all up by saying:


by Kelly K posted Oct 16 2014 9:30AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

Ummmm who knew B Pitt had skillz yo?

by Ben Davis posted Oct 16 2014 5:28AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Because it's Taylor Swift and kittens. No further explanation needed.

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by Alex posted Oct 15 2014 11:27AM

Michelle Obama singlehandedly slayed the internet today by releasing this hilariously awkward Vine. And we have to love her for that.


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