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by Otis "O Show" posted Feb 8 2016 4:49PM

Watching your favorite team lose the biggest game of the year can be pretty disheartening. I struggled through the Panther's losing Super Bowl 50 but not quite as bad as this old man who completely destroy's his flat screen TV after the Broncos scored their second touchdown. WOW!!

Super Bowl 50 Fan Freakout! The Angry Grandpa

Posted by Xplicit Nation Media on Sunday, February 7, 2016

I feel like this guy is Cam Newton's Spirit Animal from his post game interview. How he was feeling on the inside.

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by Kelly K posted Feb 8 2016 1:57PM
My second week at DJX was even better than the first! I am always learning something each day I go there and it keeps me excited to return each day, eager with what I will learn next. I'm slowly starting to understand exactly how each department of the radio business works, and being able to involve myself in each aspect is, for lack of a better term, awesome!

On Monday, I mostly worked in promotions, where I learned how to set up a contest on DJX's iPhone app. I was able to watch how the art was created on the computer and was given an introduction to how the online program worked to design the app. I also was shown how to update their website by being introduced to another program that lets them change which station advertisements are being shown on their website and how to add/edit a webpage. After that, I began to give contest winners a call to let them know they won a prize and gave them further instructions on how to retrieve them.

On Wednesday, I sat in on the morning show and was told my new nickname on air. Hello everyone, I am Intern Poot :) No, not Poop… Poot. I was given on airtime to be able to tell the story of why they gave me that nickname, which had to do with the crazy looking photo I have with Demi Lovato (the picture is in my first blog post). Pretty much, if you missed it, I went into a meet and greet with Demi Lovato wanting to have a cute, funny picture with her, but since I didn't preplan the face I was going to make, the picture ended up looking hilariously insane. Later on that day, Ben gave me the opportunity to run the board for a few minutes. While I was nervous I would screw it up, I actually did it well and felt more confident with being able to successfully run a radio show in the future.

On Friday, after sitting in on the morning show, I looked up information that Ben and Kelly will use for on air games this week for listeners. They have a series of contests they will run since it's the week before Valentine's Day.

Ben told me that next week I will be able to run the board more so I can get a better feel for it. I can't wait to see how that goes!
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by Ben Davis posted Feb 8 2016 8:26AM
Ben lost a Super Bowl bet and had to spin the Wheel of Dares.... it landed on the WORST POSSIBLE THING EVER... "baby bird breakfast"!!! I urge you to turn away now. Don't watch.

Two different angles for your enjoyment?

Don't gamble, kids..... there are rarely any winners.

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by Ben Davis posted Feb 7 2016 9:15PM
The much anticipated Super Bowl halftime show featuring Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars was met with mixed reaction...

What did you think? Oh, by the way... did anyone catch Beyonce expertly catch herself from falling down??

And someone tell Taraji P. Henson that Maroon 5 DIDN'T perform the halftime show... LOL!!


A photo posted by Adam Levine (@adamlevine) on

From Buzzfeed

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by Ben Davis posted Feb 7 2016 7:40PM
Of course she did, right?

Not everyone was surprised by this performance...
You go Gaga!

16 Things Lady Gaga looked like during the National Anthem - HERE

More from BUZZFEED

by Kelly K posted Feb 5 2016 2:03PM
Photo Credit: YouTube Screengrab

Meet 7-year-old John Phillip "Balang" Bughaw from The Phillippines. His wicked fresh dance moves to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" gives us LIFE.

If you're all like, wait...I know this kid!! You're right...Ellen DeGeneres discovered his AMAZING TALENT last year....

Follow him @johnphillipbalang

by Otis "O Show" posted Feb 4 2016 4:41PM

We're still reeling from our local Kentucky boy winning the last season of The Voice. Jordan Smith is such a talented singer. This may be the last normal season though, because the show just added a new celebrity mentor that could make things very weird.

Miley Cyrus was just announced as the newest judge for Season 10 of "The Voice". She'll help advise Christina Aguilera's team. She announced by putting up a selfie LICKING the judges button. See what I mean!

Cyrus is a talented singer but a bit of a wild card in how she presents herself on social media. She's into very psychedelic things and could give Snoop Dogg a challenge for how much she LOVES weed. Oh and let's not forget, she seems to be allergic to clothes. It could get REAL weird on the new season.

What do you think of the addition? I'm kinda of excited for the train-wreck that it could be. Especially between the 2 egos of Xtina and Miley! #GrabThePopcorn

by Ben Davis posted Feb 4 2016 5:59AM
(Screen grab: YouTube)

Canadian Olympic hopeful Marisa Dick has a new balance beam move and it's officially been entered into the International Federation of Gymnastics Code of Points. The move is now appropriately called... "The Dick".

It looks....... hard?

Work to the point where you know you'll have no regrets -Meaghan Mikkelson

A photo posted by Marisa Dick (@marisadick) on

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by Ben Davis posted Feb 3 2016 5:29AM
(Screen grab: YouTube)

This could be your "Story to Make You Say Daaaaaayum!" Get this, Erica Harris and Arte Vann randomly met on Instagram, but she lived in California and he lived in New York. Problem.

So after a year of online flirting, phone calls, posting poetry, and Facetime, he bought a one-way plane ticket to California and just seconds after meeting each other in person for the first time, they got "married" in the middle of LA/Ontario International Airport in Ontario, California, this past Friday.

They had a honeymoon in San Diego this past weekend. That's what love in 2016 looks like, kids.


by Ben Davis posted Feb 3 2016 5:03AM
(Screen grab: YouTube)

There is some data that suggests that winning Super Bowl cities see a rise in births approximately nine months after their win in the "big game." People definitely "celebrate" their team's victory. ha

BTW... we're convinced Kelly K is a "Super Bowl Baby!" Here are the facts:
  1. Her dad likes the Miami Dolphins
  2. The Dolphins won the Super Bowl the year Kelly was born
  3. Kelly was born in the month of October
  4. She's almost certainly a "Super Bowl Baby"

Are YOU a Super Bowl baby?

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