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by Kelly K posted Aug 28 2014 7:00AM


by Ben Davis posted Aug 28 2014 6:33AM
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Why? Because we're 12 and farts are funny.... lololol


Speaking of reworking Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back"...

You probably remember the Holderness family from their hilarious Christmas music video that went viral last year. Well, they are back and quite possibly better than ever. They took the Sir Mix-a-Lot booty anthem "Baby Got Back" and spun it to celebrate how badly kids and adults are ready to go back to school.

More HERE.

by Ben Davis posted Aug 28 2014 6:01AM
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Meet "Cam"... a real American man. He put on his camo cargo pants and an American flag vest, waved an even bigger confederate flag, and set his own hair on fire for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. #ForAmerica (some nsfw language)

Don't be like Cam.

You can learn more and donate to the cause HERE

by Jake posted Aug 27 2014 5:00PM

Is it weird I want to do this? I mean, I know it's weird I want to do this, it weird I really, really want to do this? These facial expressions are hilarious. However, I think the last guy actually enjoyed his taser-ing...

by Alex posted Aug 27 2014 1:06PM
This totally ADORABLE video of Drake buying Nicki Minaj snacks at a convenience store basically just solidifies the fact that THEY NEED TO DATE ALREADY geesh!

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by Ben Davis posted Aug 27 2014 5:32AM
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People have now started nominating their kids and babies for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.... ok. So when this toddler gets hit with the ice water, she can't hold back and drops an "f-bomb!"

You can learn more and donate to the cause HERE

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by Ben Davis posted Aug 27 2014 5:23AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Some photographer from South Carolina decided that the world needed "Naked Stun Gun Art." So he used a stun gun and filming equipment to record couples and friends using a taser on each other while they were naked. Sounds fun. Of course he slowed down their reactions.... for art.

He said some people really enjoyed the voltage going through their bodies (whaaaaaat???) while others didn't react at all. His project has received mostly positive feedback.

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by Alex posted Aug 26 2014 10:07AM

Chrissy Teigen is my favorite person on the internet right now. She posted this video of herself dancing to Sia "Chandelier" and I couldn't stop laughing!

So of course, Selena Gomez had to join in on the fun too!

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by Ben Davis posted Aug 26 2014 8:39AM
(Photo Credit: Funny or Die)

This was, by far, the best moment from the Emmy Awards.... Billy Eichner host of "Billy On The Street," did a special edition with Emmy host, Seth Meyers.... and it was fantastic.


by Jake posted Aug 25 2014 4:24PM

Ok, I knew it was coming. I was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. Being a man of integrity, I followed through. Being not super masculine, I made some strange noises...

The Setup...

The Aftermath...

Learn more and donate HERE!
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