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Originally from New England (Go Pats!), but living in North Carolina for the past 5 years, Chelsea is now a proud resident of Louisville, Kentucky! She is a huge lover of all things coffee, cheese, animals, and music. She would save every single homeless dog in the world if she could. She has a four year-old Border Collie named Sophia, and the fluffiest, coolest cat in the world named Macie. Her spare time is spent re-doing old furniture and attempting to cook. She loves long walks through target and the wine aisle. Also…probably the most gullible person you will ever meet in your life.

Chelsea Thomas
Jimmy Fallon Parodies “Riverdale”

Best line: “I actually wrote a song about it, you want to hear it.”

Chelsea Thomas
Little Boy Does Something AMAZING to Help Save Animals

First things first, the fluffs above are available for adoption through the Kentucky Humane Society!! […]

Chelsea Thomas
Teacher Uses Tom Brady to Get People to Slow Down

He was feeling deflated after so many people speeding, so he did something about it…