Investigators said they had a "high degree of certainty" yesterday that aircraft wreckage found on an island in the western Indian Ocean is a wing component unique to a Boeing 777 airplane, the same model as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which mysteriously vanished more than a year ago with 239 people on board. The debris was discovered approximately 2,600 miles west of where searchers had been scouring the sea floor of the southern Indian Ocean. There were also reports yesterday of a damaged suitcase found washed ashore.
The petition calling for the extradition of Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who admitted to killing Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, has surpassed 100,000 signatures, meaning the White House will have to respond. They want Palmer extradited to Zimbabwe. In the meantime, A worldwide hunting club suspended the membership of Palmer.  Betty White chimed in on what she thought should be done to Palmer.  Oh…and on another note, a woman who was sexually harassed by Palmer at his dentist office in 2005 says karma is a b!tch. She’s a former employee who claimed he made rude comments about areas of her body. He ended up paying her $127,500 in a settlement.

This is kind of disturbing…yet fascinating. Destination America will air an exorcism live on TV, with “Exorcism: Live!” October 30. It’s going to take place at the original Exorcist House in the suburbs of St. Louis where the infamous ritual was performed on Roland Doe in 1949, and which inspired the film “The Exorcist.” “Exorcism: Live!” will air just in time for Halloween, and to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the house which inspired “The Exorcist.” 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s nanny claims she and Ben would hang out a lot and their professional relationship eventually turned romantic.  She was hired when they Jen and Ben were on a 10 month trial separation.  The source said Ben told Christine things that led her to believe they were going to be fully together and she told friends she was completely in love with him. Garner was very, very suspicious of the nanny and fired her when she found out she and Affleck were intimate in the Bahamas. His rep denies the story saying it’s a lie and is threatening to take legal action.  More HERE.
Rumors have been circulating for years that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are getting a divorce, but a new story is out this week. If you believe the National Enquirer, Will and Jada have been living a lie for several years, and already decided to divorce, figured out how to split their $240 million fortune, and they will announce their decision by the end of the summer. A source said, "For Will and Jada, holding it together these past few years has been tough because their marriage has been on life support for a long time. They’re exhausted from trying to maintain the façade of a happy union.” The source said, “They decided to pull the plug in a carefully choreographed manner, [and] agree announcing their split at the end of the summer is the right move."

There’s another rumor out that claims Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, are expecting their second child after "several rounds" of IVF.  The story HERE.



Human pyramid

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New #squadgoals for you…Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence went on a group girls vacation together.  They looked like they had fun!!


Reaction vid to Jennifer Lawrence saying my name at #comicon vid by #roadmanager

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And remember the one time Amy freaked out when JLaw said her name on TV?  Cute. 

Wanna hear One Direction’s new song without Zayn?  It’s called “Drag Me Down”…

Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie may have had the most glamourous 2nd wedding EVER!  He married model Jacqui Ainsley…they’ve been together for 5 years and is the mother to three of his five kids.  Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Jason Staham and Rosie Huntinton-Whiteley, and Henry Cavill were all there!  Too gorgeous to stand.  Pics HERE.

People are mad at Jessica Alba’s organic beauty brand the Honest Company because they say they got burned…literally.  Customers who used her sunscreen are posting pics of their sunburns on Twitter, despite liberally applying the SPF formula. She hasn’t responded to the complaints but was seen going to the Honest Company offices yesterday possibly to do some damage control.
Nicolas Cage now lives in a modest condo in Las Vegas and eats cheap meals. He was once worth $150 million and owned four yachts, castles in Europe and several homes in the US. But he owed the IRS millions in taxes and had to sell many of his assets. Sources say he now lives in a condo in Vegas and frequently eats at a restaurant where the most expensive meal is $12.95.  More HERE.

This is pretty cool…a video is going viral of 1,000 Italian musicians all performing “Learn To Fly” to try to get the Foo Fighters to come perform there!  

The 2015 Teen Choice Awards announced its third wave of nominees, including top celebrities on social media. Justin Bieber leads the pack with nominations for Social Media King, Choice Twit, and Choice Instagrammer. Caitlyn Jenner was nominated for Social Media Queen, and later tweeted, "And to think I wouldn't have qualified for this nom a few months ago... What an honor!" The 2015 Teen Choice Awards are slated to air on FOX on August 16th.


Speaking of Justin Bieber, he’s on an episode of Fox’ “Knock Knock Live”.  Unfortunately, it’s getting yanked after just two episodes.  The Tuesday 9 p.m. timeslot will be filled by a one-hour encore of “The Last Man on Earth” next week, and encores of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Last Man on Earth” going forward.

FYI….big movies opening this weekend including Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and National Lampoon’s Vacation reboot. Just know there are some things that are “enhanced” for effect (*cough* Chris Hemsworth in his undies *cough*).  


Cecil the Lion did not die in vain.  A Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force says the headless corpse of Cecil is still out in the sun, so vultures and other carnivores can eat the flesh in a circle of life fashion. Cecil's bones will be used to create an anti-poaching memorial in the Hwange National Park, to educate people on the beauty of the beast and the harm that comes from killing them. The plan is for Cecil's head and skin to become part of the memorial which have been confiscated for criminal investigation.
If you believe the rumors, and we want to, Calvin Harris is allegedly planning on popping the question soon to Taylor Swift after dating for 4 months. He’s getting her a ring worth at least $500,000 and a mimimum of 10 carats. He knows Taylor loves chunky rings, so he wants to go big. He’s deciding on where he wants to do it…and leaning towards Nashville.
Ben Affleck has denied that he's dating his kid's former nanny.  He slammed the rumors in a statement through his rep after a friend   of the nanny told People magazine she was in love with him. However, Ben denies the whole thing as “complete garbage and full of lies," his rep said in a statement. "You shouldn't be able to hide behind 'blind sources' and attempt to destroy families going through a difficult time ... It's like story time in kindergarten. It's shameful and desperate." Sources claim Garner fired her after shefound out about the affair. More HERE.

Zayn Malik announced yesterday that he signed a deal with RCA Records to make some “real music”. He tweeted "I guess I never explained why I left, it was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who i really am! #realmusic #RCA!!" He added, "#realme."


Speaking of new music news: Justin Bieber's new single, “What Do You Mean,” will drop Aug. 28th, ahead of his first album in three years.  He says, “Girls are often just flip floppy. They say something and then they mean something else. I mean, I don’t really know. That’s why I’m asking, ‘What do you mean?’”
Dr. Dre rumored to be releasing a Straight Outta Compton-inspired album next week. Soundtrack contains new music from both Dre and N.W.A. as well as Kendrick Lamar and Eminem.
Madonna’s upcoming “Rebel Heart” tour will have a lot of theatrics including pole-dancing nuns. She posted some teaser videos…one of her song “Devil’s Pray” featuring the dancing nuns. Madonna's tour begins September 9th in Montreal and runs through January.

So word is Lindsey Lohan skipped out on a $1,300 dinner bill in Greece. Sources say she invited 10 guy friends to dinner at a restaurant. They ran up a $1,300 bill but they left without paying with Lindsay telling the guys to not worry about the check. Sources say the restaurant spent three days looking for Lohan.  One of her friends eventually covered the pricey tab.


I am very disappointed by the NFL’s decision to uphold the 4 game suspension against me. I did nothing wrong, and no one...

Posted by Tom Brady on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The NFL players union filed a petition in Minnesota to overturn Tom Brady’s four game suspension, or at least postpone it until the case can be heard.  Tom defended himself on Facebook against some of the accusations against him, saying "To suggest that I destroyed a phone to avoid giving the NFL information it requested is completely wrong," he said. "There is no 'smoking gun' and this controversy is manufactured to distract from the fact they have zero evidence of wrongdoing." More HERE. Sidebar, his supermodel wife Gisele apparently spent $11,000 on secret plastic surgery in Paris to fix her sagging boobs and eyes. She was busted when her longtime chauffuer dropped her off. 

Jose Canseco says he's planning on living life as a woman for a full week to show his support for Caitlyn Jenner's transition. The former baseball player said he'll wear dresses and makeup as he golfs, bowls and plays softball and poker. The entire week as a woman will be filmed for Canseco's upcoming Internet reality show, Spend A Day With Jose. Not sure when this is going down, but some people are already calling it nothing more than a disrespectful stunt.



After being identified as the big-game hunter who illegally shot a protected lion in Africa, a dentist named Walter Palmer of Bloomington, Minnesota issued a statement blaming his guides. "I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt," says Palmer. "I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt." Palmer was already convicted for poaching a bear in the US, and has promised to cooperate with authorities in Zimbabwe where the safari took place. In the meantime, he's getting death threats and criticism on any public pages affiliated with him or his dentistry. "I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion." On his show last night, Jimmy Kimmel went on a rant about the dentist…
Bobby Brown will say goodbye to his daughter Bobbi Kristina during a private funeral in Georgia this weekend. Medical examiners announced the initial autopsy results had been inconclusive. Her body will then be flown to New Jersey so she can be buried next to her mother at Fairview Cemetery on Monday.
The NFL has upheld its decision to bench Tom Brady for four games over underinflated footballs. Brady had appealed, but Roger Goodell said he's more convinced than ever that the QB not only ordered staffers to deflate the balls before a playoff game, he tried to cover up his actions.  Analyst Steve Young says unless Tom has something else that could come out and dispute the perception that he did something wrong or lied, his legacy could be in trouble.


On the next episode of Fox reality show Knock Knock Live, Justin Bieber is quite possibly the sweetest you’ve ever seen him when he surprises a very special family in church. He surprises a girl with a dress and whisks her away her quinceañera as her date!  It airs Tuesday nights at 9 on FOX.

Remember the one time, Michael Strahan prematurely gave away a $7500 trip to Puerto Rico after he misheard a caller during a trivia game?  That happened.

Things got awkward when Good Day Sacramento was interviewing Taylor Swift bestie Cara Delevingne about her new movie Paper Towns…it started off bad when one of the anchors called her Carla.  That wasn’t a great start…but then it went downhill from there.  More HERE.


Tyrese accuses “White radio” of being racist.  He has the #1 R&B/Soul album and said, “White radio will ONLY play R&B/Soul if it's performed by white guys.” He says white radio would love "Shame" if it was performed by Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith or Robin Thicke.  What do you think?  Wanna hear this on DJX?


A video posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Miley Cyrus is pretty excited to host MTV's Video Music Awards, according to the Instagram video she posted yesterday. In the promo video, Miley proceeds to bounce along to the music and give double middle fingers to the camera. It airs August 30 on  MTV.  


Here I go Again #dejavu

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In the meantime, Miley's little sister Noah might be signing a record deal with Universal Music Group. Their Mom posted a picture of the record company’s address on Instagram along with the caption “Here I go again #dejavu.”

Hugh Jackman took to Twitter to ask fans for ideas for the upcoming “Wolverine” film that’s scheduled to hit theaters on March 3, 2017. He tweeted, "My last time putting on the claws. What do you want to see happen? 50 words or less. I'll read as many as I can." Thousands of amateur screenwriters made suggestions, pitching everything from a costume switch to the yellow striped number from the comics to a final battle with arch-nemesis, Sabertooth.

Matt Damon is coming back as Jason Bourne in another movie…that is real life…and Tommy Lee Jones will play a superior officer at the CIA. Julia Stiles is also coming back. Production is expected to begin later this summer and it’ll be out in theaters July 29, 2016.

David Faustino, who played Bud on Married With Children, says he's developing a "spinoff" of the series. "Sony has it. They're excited about it," Faustino said at the premiere of his former co-star Christina Applegate's new comedy, Vacation. "The whole cast, including Christina, is down to do little bits in it.


There are no obvious signs that someone tried to kill Bobbi Kristina according to the preliminary autopsy results. The report says there were no previously unknown medical conditions that could have rendered Bobbi Kristina unconscious in the bathtub. But the Medical Examiner says he has subpoenaed medical records, presumably from the hospital, to determine if drug testing after the accident was relevant. Nick Gordon has said both he and Bobbi Kristina had been doing drugs and she took too much. The Medical Examiner says he will not determine a cause of death until he reviews the records.

The Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristowe got engaged in last night's Season 11 finale.  They appeared together on Jimmy Kimmel talking about blowing the ending by accidentally tweeting out a Snapchat pic of the two…
Kate Winslet was on Running Wild With Bear Grylls and lots of fun stuff happened…he put a fish down her shirt, started a fire with a feminine product she had in her bag, she talked about confronting a school bully after she was famous, and they quoted Titanic lines while rappelling down a cliff!
Conan O’Brien is getting sued by a guy in San Diego who says Conan stole his jokes from Twitter…Here's one of his tweets: 'A Delta flight this week took off from Cleveland to New York with just two passengers. And they fought over control of the armrest the entire flight.' And Conan’s monologue from that same day was pretty much word for word.  The story HERE.

Awesomeness happened last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon…Tom Cruise took Jimmy on in a Lip Sync battle and almost pulled out a ringer!! 

The battle for Minute Maid Park is over and the Houston Astros have won. Taylor Swift was originally scheduled to perform at Minute Maid Park on October 13th, which could have conflicted with a playoff game if the team makes the post-season. The Astros were expected to suck this season, but managed to put together a 55-45 record so far and are just one game behind the Angels for control of the American League West. Taylor Swift’s concert will now take place on September 9th instead.
A fight between Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend Mia Goth was caught on a camera in Germany. The video, which is several different clips spliced together, shows LaBeouf getting out of a taxi, and telling her, "I don't wanna touch you. I don't wanna be aggressive. This is the kind of sh*t that makes a person abusive." He repeatedly demands his backpack from the cab. Local residents are seen offering LaBeouf a ride to the airport, and then he gets in a car with them and says, "If I'd have stayed there, I would have killed her." It becomes clear LaBeouf was apparently injured in the dispute with Goth. The star, however, turns down their offer to take him to a hospital. LaBeouf tells them, "You saved my life, man" and promises that if they come to Los Angeles, they can stay at his home.  See the video HERE.

Kanye West ended his set early at the Pan Am Games closing ceremony on Sunday night because of technical difficulties. Thirteen minutes into the performance West threw and smashed his microphone before walking off stage. More than 50,000 people signed a petition to prevent him from performing at the event.

Ed Sheeran has landed a recurring role on the upcoming FX medieval drama, The Bastard Executioner. The series, which comes from Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, follows a 14th century knight, played by True Blood actor Stephen Moyer, who becomes an executioner. Sheeran, 24, will portray Sir Cormac, an "ambitious and deadly protege of a high-ranking church elder," according to a description from FX. 


Bobbi Kristina Brown is dead at age 22, about six months after being found unresponsive in a bathtub. Her death was similar to that of her mother, Whitney Houston. "Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away July 26th, 2015, surrounded by her family," says a statement. "She is finally at peace in the arms of God. We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months." After her mother’s death, she told Oprah she felt her spirit with her (clip 3)… Bobbi Kristina Brown never regained consciousness since being found at home on January 31st and had been on life-support following her "near-drowning."
Hulk Hogan is thanking the fans who are standing by him. The WWE "terminated" its contract with Hogan on Friday, after it was discovered he went on a racist tirade  on his infamous adult tape. His racist diatribe happened when he was talking about his daughter, Brooke: "If she was going to f--- some n---er, I'd rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n---er worth a hundred million dollars. Like a basketball player! I guess we're all a little racist." Hogan is now apologizing for something he said “eight years ago." That "conversation" is believed to have been caught on the Hulk Hogan sex tape. Hogan said, "It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologize for having done it. This is not who I am. ... I am disappointed with myself that I used language that is offensive and inconsistent with my own beliefs." Hogan tweeted Saturday, "Thank you to all my friends, family and business partners for all your love and support, you guys know who I really am and I love u 4 that. HH." He also individually replied to dozens of fans who wrote to him.

Louis Tomlinson's estranged dad, Troy Austin, threatened to reveal a "bombshell" if Louis continues ignoring him. A source tells The Mirror that Austin says he's ready "throw a grenade into things," if his son doesn't let him back into his life. Tomlinson hasn't spoken to Austin for years, since he split with the singer's mom when Louis was just five. Louis even took his stepdad's last name, Tomlinson. Suddenly, Austin wants to fix their broken relationship and if he doesn't get what he wants, "He will drop the bombshell... even though it would come as a massive shock." The source adds, "He knows it could cause another big rift within the family but is ­starting to feel he has nothing left to lose." The Mirror quotes Austin as saying, "I'd like to be involved in my grandchild's life. I've missed out on Louis's life and I'd like to make up for that. I'd hate to think of him ­having the sort of relationship with his child that we have had."

ABC US News | World News
Nicki Minaj talked to Good Morning America about Taylor Swift following up her Twitter apology with a call after their VMA beef…

Ed Sheeran admitted that he once had an accident in his pants during a concert. During a recent interview, he was asked if he’d ever “farted” on stage, and he replied, “All the time.” He said, “I actually once misjudged a fart on stage, which ended up being a shart.”  More HERE.


Kristen Bell left an adorable message as her character Anna from Frozen for 6-year-old Avery Huffman, who is suffering from an inoperable brain tumor…full story HERE.

Something else that's adorable?  Kate Hudson and her son dancing to "Trap Queen"!

Last night was the premiere of “I Am Cait”…She met her mother and sisters for the first time as Caitlyn, and said she’s never been more excited about life. Kanye West said what Caitlyn did was the one of strongest things to ever happen in our human existence.  More from the episode HERE.

Of the 46 women who have come forward so far to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault, 35 were interviewed for this story. Of those 35, six told their stories on camera. Watch.

Posted by New York Magazine on Sunday, July 26, 2015

The latest cover of New York Magazine features 35 women who told the magazine their stories of being assaulted, allegedly by Bill Cosby. The story includes photos of each woman and their individual stories. Each woman’s story includes a timeline of the alleged assault and details of the alleged crime. The article appears in today’s issue and is also available online.


Two people were killed after a gunman opened fire inside a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana on Thursday night before taking his own life. At least 7 people are being treated for injuries. Police received a call about the shooting The Grand Theater 16 in Lafayette at approximately 7:30 p.m. The shooting occurred 20 minutes into the 7 p.m. screening of Trainwreck when what witnesses described as "an older white man" stood up and began shooting. The gunman died after he turned the gun on himself. Trainwreck star Amy Schumer later tweeted: "My heart is broken and all my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Louisiana." The shooting occurred the same day a jury's decision put James Holmes, the man convicted in the 2012 massacre at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, one step closer to the death penalty. Monday would be the third anniversary of that shooting.

Hillary Clinton may face a criminal investigation for her use of a private email server for official State Department business.  Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation after finding that Mrs. Clinton’s private account contained “hundreds of potentially classified emails.” It is not clear if any of the information in the emails was marked as classified by the State Department when Mrs. Clinton sent or received them.

A civil suit against Bill Cosby is now set to proceed after California's Supreme Court rejected his request to review the case. What this means in the short term: the lawyer for the woman who's suing Cosby for allegedly sexually assaulting her in the Playboy Mansion in 1974 wants to grill him. "We are looking forward to Mr. Cosby answering questions under oath at his deposition and we will continue to seek justice for our courageous client, Judy Huth," Gloria Allred said yesterday, adding that the decision was "a huge, huge victory" for Huth and added that she hoped to get Cosby in a room for questioning within 30 days. Huth says she was 15 when she went to the Playboy Mansion with the comedian and he molested her in a bedroom.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get creepier with Bill Cosby…now we find out he requested vulnerable women from a modeling agency in New York City. Newly released deposition from a decade-old sexual assault case shows that the comedian recruited 20 to 30 young fashion models from a model agent. He said the women should be from out of town and “financially not doing well.” Cosby testified that he wanted the young women to dine with him privately in his dressing room at “The Cosby Show.” 

After a Twitter back-and-forth between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj about the MTV VMAs earlier this week, Swift apologized Thursday and Minaj accepted. "I thought I was being called out. I missed the point, I misunderstood, then misspoke. I'm sorry, Nicki.@NICKIMINAJ," Swift wrote on Twitter. Minaj came right back and happily accepted the apology. "That means so much Taylor, thank you," she wrote. "I've always loved her. Everyone makes mistakes. She gained so much more respect from me. Let's move on." Swift was apologizing for responding to a tweet Minaj posted about her video "Anaconda" not being nominated for Video of the Year. Swift admitted she thought Minaj's tweet was addressed toward her, being that she is the only other female nominated in the top VMAs category.

Speaking of Taylor, she was brought up to Jake Gyllenhaal when Howard Stern was talking to him. Stern told Jake, he should have married Taylor Swift. He then talked about Jake having a song written about him. His response was, "Do I? I don't know."

A Jurassic World sequel is happening with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard on board….and it already has a release date!  Mark it in your calendars to go to the theater June 22, 2018!

 Zayn Malik might have left One Direction, but he still celebrated the group's five-year anniversary on Twitter -- with a tweet to his former 1D "bro" Liam Payne. 

Mariah Carey told fans that her billionaire boyfriend is her hero.  She gave a shout-out to James Packer during her Vegas show Wednesday, telling the crowd she has "a new heart" and credits her new man. Mariah then dedicates her hit song "Hero" to Packer.

A new book from Dr. Seuss is coming out 25-years after the classic children’s author died. The book titled “What Pet Should I Get?” is set for publication next week.  Theodor Seuss Geisel died in 1991 at the age of 87, leaving his widow and longtime secretary to clean out boxes left at home. In 2013, sketches for the new book were found after being set aside after his death.

The hack of the adultery website Ashley Madison shows that residents of Ottawa, Canada really like to cheat. The hack shows that 200,000 of the website’s users are from the Canadian capital… that’s more than a fifth of the city's 883,000 residents. The hackers, who call themselves Impact Team, have threatened to expose the identities of the users, as well as leaking their credit card information, nude pictures and details of explicit conversations and fantasies.




Oooo shots fired!!! One day after Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift got into a Twitter spat over the 2015 VMA nominations, Katy Perry weighed in on their wars of words—and she's not holding back her disdain for Taylor Swift.A simple translation? She's calling Taylor Swift a hypocrite since she wrote "Bad Blood" about her ongoing feud with Perry (Minaj has since favorited the tweet). BTW…Nicki clarified what she originally meant with this: "Nothing to do with any of the women, but everything to do with a system that doesn't credit black women for their contributions to pop culture as freely/quickly as they reward others. We are huge trendsetters, not second class citizens that get thrown crumbs. This isn't anger. This is #information. It's all love to MTV. Kisses to my fans and thank you for my 3 nominations."

Oh…and now Taylor is being accused of ripping off the concept for her Bad Blood video.  Can’t we all just get along??


Everyone seems to be jumping in on this one…even Moby.  ‘Member him?  He was asked about it and said Nicki needs to be happy she has a career.  

Blake was in New Hampshire last Saturday for a NASCAR race, two nights before he officially divorced from Miranda and apparently toasted his divorce. He was celebrating at a karaoke bar after the race, drinking and even grabbing the mic for a rendition of Tracy Byrd's classic, "I'm From the Country." Before hitting up the karaoke bar, Blake was at a dive bar where everyone raised their shot glasses, but no one knew an appropriate toast and that's when Blake chimed in, "Divorce!"  And then…his alleged mistress, Cady Groves, went on a Twitter view rant.  A source denies that Groves was writing about Shelton and says the notes were about her ex-fiancé. 


Now are Justin Bieber and his Australian counterpart Cody Simpson beefing?  Cody says Justin called him a "f*cking idiot" for posting a video of them on Snapchat in which a marijuana pipe was visible. Earlier this week, they were hanging out with Niall Horan, jamming to music and apparently getting high. In a new interview, Simpson admitted he didn't realize the pipe was in the shot until after he posted the clip. He also, however, doesn't think it's a big deal. "I'm 18, if I want to have a little smoke... Do your thing. It's just part of being young." Asked about Bieber and Horan's reaction, Simpson revealed, "Bieber texted me, 'You're a f*cking idiot.' I was like, 'Dude, I swear I didn't know!'" He clarified, though, that Bieber was "kind of joking" and "doesn't really care about that stuff that much either."

Nick Cannon was hospitalized on Wednesday seemingly for exhaustion. He suffers from lupus, and posted a photo on Instagram of himself in a hospital bed hooked up to a machine, along with the caption, "Don't worry, Temporary pit stop... Sometimes I can be a little too bull headed and stubborn." Cannon went on to write, "I gotta stop running my body to the ground. I be wanting to grind nonstop but the engine can't run on fumes. On the low though, I really think I'm a super hero... Now I'm not saying I'm Batman, but I am saying nobody has ever seen me and Batman in the same room together. LOL. #ImGood."


The deliciousness that is “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No” debuted last night on SyFy…and so. Much. Yes. So many celebs make cameos including the Today Show, David Hasselhoff, and Jerry Springer. Mark McGrath was asked out of Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears…which would be first to die in the movie?  BTW…Sharknado 4 is happening.  In fact, at the end of Sharknado 3..the audience gets to vote on whether April survives getting hit by a piece of the space shuttle to be in the 4th movie.  If you missed it, catch the encore Saturday at 7pm!

So after TLC cancelled “19 Kids And Counting”, Jim Bob is looking at getting a new family TV series and possibly shooting it themselves.  In the meantime, they are asking fans to buy their their books and hire them for paid speaking gig.


Chris Brown has reportedly hired armed guards to protect his San Fernando Valley home after four robbers held his aunt at gunpoint and ransacked his house earlier this month. While no arrests have been made in connection with the July 15th home invasion, Brown believes the burglars may have been a few of his close friends. As a result of the scary incident, the singer has now hired guards to watch over his property. One guard will be inside the house, and the other will be outside in a vehicle. Both guards have been told to shoot if they feel a threat is present.


Miley Cyrus let everybody know that she’ll be hosting the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Now the nominations list has arrived. Taylor Swift tops with nine nominations, including Video Of The Year for “Bad Blood”, Best Female Video for “Blank Space” and Best Collaboration with her Kendrick Lamar remix. ED Sheeran has six nominations for categories like Best Male Video for “Thinking Out Loud.” Beyonce snagged five of her own. Mark Ronson, Nicki Minaj, Sia, Jessie J and Fetty Wap also received nominations this year. The 2015 MTV VMAs air on August 30 at 9:00 p.m.


Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj got into it on Twitter when Nicki started tweeting about being snubbed (kind of…she was nominated for five awards) by the MTV Video Music Awards.  Then Kim Kardashian accidentally got involved she posted a pic with the caption: Imma let you finish but….that ended up being a total coincidence that was mistaken for shade. She clarified later she had no idea what was going on in the music world.
You KNEW it was probably going to get ugly in the Blake and Miranda situation.  Sources were saying initially that Blake found out Miranda cheated twice…once with country singer Chris Young (they both deny it), and that was why he filed for divorce.  He’s also demanding she have her animals off his ranch in Oklahoma by Monday.  Now she’s saying HE’s the one who cheated with a famous country singer.
In other divorce news…not EVEN on the same level by any means…but Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are officially divorced and Khloe Kardshian and Lamar Odom have signed papers to be officially done.
Speaking of Khloe, somebody thought it would be a great idea to give her a prime-time talk show, called “Kocktails with Khloe” on the FYI network.  It’ll be 8 one-hour episodes airing later this year.

Paula Abdul was on The Late Show with James Corden talking about the strangest thing a fan ever did…someone stole her urine sample from a doctor’s office.  Ew.  But then magic happened when James dressed up as MC Skat Cat and they recreated “Opposites Attract”. 

Ian Ziering was asked on the Today show whether all these recent shark attacks takes away from people enjoying Sharnado 3…


The trailer for the new James Bond movie, “Spectre” is out! 


This is just adorable…Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was recently in the middle of a workout when he heard screaming and giggling. He noticed there were a few young ladies and they took off. He told their mom to bring the ladies back so he could say hi in person. They did  and he shot an Instagram video. 

Sotheby’s removed all references to Michael Jackson from his former Neverland Ranch but they still are having trouble selling it. The King of Pop lived in amusement park ranch in Los Olivos, California for more than 20 years. It has been renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch and has been on the market since May. It's going for $100 million, but so far there have been no takers.


So on the day the world finds out that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are divorcing, it was finalized.  They released this statement yesterday, "This is not the future we envisioned.  And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately. We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter." He filed two weeks ago and a judge made it final yesterday afternoon.  According to a source, “He is eager to have children, but she really enjoys not being tied down. I think they both were off on what the time frame would be”. Lambert also has a more rigorous touring schedule. “They are never together, and he was wanting them to move close to being together. She really loves her career and touring. She has the ability to go and record albums when she wants and to tour.” Despite rumors, another source says he never cheated. The source said, "Blake is just that incredibly loyal and dedicated husband. I can guarantee you he has been faithful to that woman."  She got emotional during a show in Wyoming.  TMZ has sources that say it was her that cheated and prompted Blake to file.

 Jimmy Kimmel had another great edition of Lie Witness news, asking people what they thought of the astronaut landing on Pluto!
So what are your favorite stars really like in real life? Music interns are spilling the beans and say Nicki Minaj is an entitled, self-absorbed b-tch who will not be famous in 5 years. Kanye West demanded his junk look larger in photoshoot which then caused longer hours in post-production for crew. But others found him to be nice, professional and grounded. Mariah Carey is apparently crazy but a nice crazy and offered up champagne to everyone on set. Beyonce doesn't talk to the help and has mommy intervene for her instead when asked how her stay was by limo driver. Jennifer Lopez returned to the Bronx to shoot a music video, denied fan an autograph. Fan says to JLo "F-ck you, your music is whack anyway" causing her to mutter to those around her "That's why I don't like coming back to this sh-thole." John Legend and David Beckham are both class acts and very handsome.  More HERE.

The 37 million members of infidelity hookup site Ashley Madison may be exposed unless the site is taken offline permanently, hackers warn. The hackers say they've compromised the entire database of parent company Avid Life Media, whose chief executive has confirmed the hack and says the company is "working diligently and feverishly" to take down files that the hackers have already posted online. The chief exec says the hack appears to have been an inside job carried out by somebody "that was not an employee but certainly had touched our technical services." In a manifesto, hackers calling themselves the "Impact Team" describe the site's clients as "cheating dirtbags" and accuse the company of cheating users by charging them $19 for a "full delete" of personal information and then keeping their details regardless. They say they will release "secret sexual fantasies," as well as names and credit card details.

Miley Cyrus is set to host MTV's Video Music Awards, airing next month. Cyrus announced the news Monday with a playful tweet, joking that MTV won't let her perform, so she's taking on a different role. MTV also confirmed the news on its Twitter. The VMA nominations will be released today. Past VMA hosts have typically been comedians rather than musicians, including Kevin Hart, Chelsea Handler and Russell Brand. The event had no host last year. The 2015 VMAs will air August 30th on MTV.

Why is Katy Perry fighting with nuns? She wants to buy a property owned by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  They object to her buying it because of her public image, and instead want to sell it to a restauranteur. A judge has asked attorneys for a group of nuns and attorneys for the L.A. Archdiocese to work out the terms of the sale. More HERE.

Justin Bieber partied over the weekend with celebrity friends Cody Simpson and One Direction's Niall Horan—and it may have been wilder than previously thought, given the presence of a suspicious pipe pictured on a table. Video footage from their makeshift jam session in Los Angeles featuring the yellow pipe— the variety of which is often used to smoke marijuana— surfaced in a video Simpson posted to Snapchat. Once the buzz started mounting on social media, however, he seems to have pulled down the clip, which featured a jam session on Bieber's "Home to Mama."
NBC is digging up "Xena: Warrior Princess" for another run on television. The talks are in the very early stages but apparently they want Lucy Lawless involved somehow, whether it be in front of or behind the camera, and is calling the project a "modern reboot".  She tweeted that it was just a rumor.
Ashton Kutcher is going to be one of three guest Sharks on “Shark Tank.”  More HERE.



A 21-year-old man was found apparently drowned in the pool at Demi Moore's house in Beverly Hills. Sources say there was a party at the residence, though Moore was out of town; her three daughters were reportedly also gone, though sources say they've been staying there often of late. The man apparently didn't know how to swim when he slipped and fell. Five people were present at the time of the man's death; one of those was an assistant to Moore. The caretaker and the others went out at some point leaving the victim behind, and when they returned they found him at the bottom of the pool.
Marvel and Disney's Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd, won its debut weekend with a total take of $57.3 million. That was enough to push last week's top finisher, Minions, to second place. The animated family film earned $50.2 million in its second week out. Coming in a very respectable third was Amy Schumer's Trainwreck, which took in $30.5 million. Inside Out and Jurassic World came in fourth and fifth places with $11.6 million and $11.4 million, respectively.

Gwyneth Paltrow talked about co-parenting with ex-husband Chris Martin at a blogging tech conference, and gave an example of if he hates her and doesn’t want to ever see her again, they still got to brunch on Sunday with the kids because they are the priority.  She also shared a sweet story about her late father...
Cee Lo Green has a new song called “Robin Williams” that shouts out actors we’ve lost…click HERE to see the interactive video! 

Comedian DL Hughley isn’t a fan of Caitlyn Jenner, and told TMZ about it when they asked if he agreed that she should have gotten the Arthur Ashe Award at the ESPYs.  

3 Doors Down singer Brad Arnold recently stopped mid-song to kick a guy out. He saw this guy at their Colorado show push a woman in the crowd last Tuesday, and stopped the show to confront him. "Hey homie!" Arnold shouted from the stage. "You don't hit a woman. You just pushed a woman out of the way to get in a fight, you d*&k." Arnold told the man to "Get out of here!" before having him escorted out by security and going on with the show. The crowd cheered for Arnold, and 3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson wrote on Facebook that the instance marked, "Just another reason I'm proud to be in this band!!"
 Eminem says he has always respected Gwen Stefani, despite once writing a song asking her to "pee pee" on him. The pair recently worked together on the new collaboration 'Kings Never Die,' which appears on the soundtrack to new film, "Southpaw", which Eminem oversaw. In a recent interview, he was confronted with the lyrics to his 2004 song 'Ass Like That', where he said, "So Gwen Stefani, will you pee pee on me please? I ain't never seen an ass like that, Cuz the way you move it, you make my pee pee go, Doing, doing, doing." Eminem says he’s always admired Stefani, saying, "I don’t think it was ever anything that was disrespectful. I mean, maybe I said she could pee-pee on me, but I don’t care who you are—that’s funny regardless."

 Here are Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend, Erin Darke, doing a rendition of Eminem's 'The Real Slim Shady', on Friday night at Cameron's Pub in Half Moon Bay, CA*. He’s in Northern Cal this summer to film his new movie 'Swiss Army Man'.

Wanna see JT and Alfonso Ribeiro do The Carlton on a golf course?  Of course you do.  After a bad putt during a celebrity tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nev., on Friday, the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star and "Dancing With the Stars" champ lightened the mood by breaking into his Carlton dance. And then JT joined in.

Jennifer Aniston is denying claims that she had an affair with Matt LeBlanc while they were shooting “Friends.” LeBlanc’s dad said that his son told him he had a relationship with Aniston when she was married to Brad Pitt, and that the two would make out in the dressing room. Her rep denied the claims saying she never had a romantic, or sexual relationship with Matt LeBlanc.  More HERE.
Scandal-plagued Josh Duggar becomes a father for the fourth time as wife Anna gives birth to daughter Meredith Grace. Josh, 27, who has been lying low since details of his molestation scandal broke, posted a photo of on Instagram of himself, Anna and the new baby to announce his daughter's arrival nine days after her due date. 


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