Celebrity Sleaze

One celeb you won’t see do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?  Pamela Anderson.  She says the ALS Association uses animal testing as a part of its research. She challenged the organization to switch to "sophisticated non-animal testing methods." Anderson writes, "Trying to cure human diseases by relying on outdated and ineffective animal experiments isn't only cruel — it's a grave disservice to people who desperately need cures." Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, won’t get doused either but did make a donation to the cause. He said, "I'll put the water towards washing my bike later!!"
Chris Pratt’s Ice Bucket Challenge is pretty great…and he just did another really cool thing.  He dressed as his Guardians of the Galaxy character Star-Lord to surprise patients at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. He was there for a special screening of the movie for patients and their families. While everyone watched the film, Pratt snuck away to slip into his costume, and then handed out movie-themed toys to the kids afterwards. Pratt also visited kids in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and the Pediatric ICU who were too sick to see the movie. 

Speaking of challenges, this sounds fun!  50 Cent posted a video on Instagram challenging Floyd Mayweather Jr. to read a page of a "Harry Potter" novel aloud without messing it up. If Mayweather takes the challenge, and posts proof, 50 Cent said he will donate a cool $750,000 to any charity of Mayweather's choosing. A new video posted hours after the initial trash-talking challenge, 50 Cent said Jimmy Kimmel agreed to let Mayweather read on his show. "We don't want to put pressure on you," 50 says to Mayweather in the latest post. "We know you can't pronounce those words in the "Harry Potter" book, so we gonna let you read "Cat in the Hat." The two were once business partners, but since having a falling out, have bashed each other in the media. WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE!!
So one of the chicks that appeared on VH1’s “Dating Naked” is suing the production companies for showing her…naked.  Jessie Nizewitz says producers failed to properly blur out her crotch while she was wrestling with her date on a beach. Emotional damages ensued. She’s a 28-year-old model and said, "My grandma saw it. I saw her this week and she didn't have much to say to me. She's probably mad. My parents are just annoyed." Not only didn't Nizewitz fail to find love on the show, but it might have even cost her relationship with a man she dated for the month until her episode premiered. "He never called me again after the show aired," she said. "I would have hoped we could have had a long-term relationship. He was employed, Jewish, in his 30s and that's pretty much ideal."

Justin Bieber's entourage allegedly bribed a Canadian border official with $10,000 in backstage passes — and she's now been fired. According to multiple reports, the border chief at the Niagara Falls crossing allowed some of Bieber's friends to enter the country when he performed there, even though they shouldn't have been permitted given their criminal records. The scheme was uncovered when a different set of Bieber's friends tried to get the same preferential treatment. It's not entirely clear when the incident took place, but Bieber played Toronto last July. The Bieber-related bribe was described as "serious misconduct."  Oh…and he posted video of him shaving off his mustache, if you care.

Bad news for Lindsay Lohan…her credit card was denied when she tried to pay a $2500 bar tab last weekend.  Her friends and others in her group had to chip in to cover the bill,' a source told Page Six.

Speaking of awkward…TaylorSwift and John Mayer ended at the same restaurant!  They were within eyeshot of each other…ignored each other, and then took off in their separate hired cars. 

Robin Williams' body was cremated the day after he died, and his ashes were scattered in San Francisco Bay. The official death certificate does not list an immediate cause of death -- it says "pending investigation." The coroner is still waiting for the results of toxicology tests to see if Williams had any chemicals in his body when he died. Those results will be available in the next few weeks.

We know the NFL is looking at Coldplay, Katy Perry and Rihanna as potential halftime shows for the Super Bowl in February and that they want the chosen act to pay to play.  We also now know who is NOT going to be on the list of possibilities.  Janet Jackson is STILL banned because of the “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004. Sooooo what about JT? 

The latest reports on the Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon split say Nick has already moved out of their house and is living in hotels or with his grandparents. Insiders claim they are fighting a lot and that she suspects him of cheating. Carey may have even gone so far as to send security with Cannon to Las Vegas, where he often hosts pool parties, to make sure his eye didn't wander. Word is, the straw that broke the camel’s back was Kim Kardashian.  Remember when he was asked about famous girls he’s been with and he named Kim?  Yeah…Mariah couldn’t deal with that. Still can’t. It all started to crumble at that point…plus, she hates that he’s taken every gig offered to him even though they don’t need the money.  She says it takes him away from the kids…but he contends he’s made $75 million since 2011 for the family.

What the wha???  Brad Pitt doesn’t really love Angelina Jolie?  So says his psychic.  Ron Bard claims to have foreseen their relationship and insists Brad feels ‘boxed in’ but will not leave her for the sake of their six children – and because it would harm his image. Bard made his startling claims yesterday as he spoke in depth for the first time about his friendship with Pitt. He insists that Brad is still in love with his first wife, Jennifer Aniston. But he believes Pitt has already secretly married Miss Jolie, 39, and the couple will have another three children. Pitt was introduced to the psychic by Aniston in 2004.  Mr Bard, 54, claims he told the actor in 2005 he would meet someone who would ‘change your whole life’ while filming Mr & Mrs Smith. That year, Pitt left Jen for Angie. But asked whether the couple are still in love, Bard said: ‘I think [Miss Jolie is] very clever, I think she’s boxed him in, but he doesn’t care about that because I think he loves the children more than the relationship.”  More HERE.

 Is Chris Brown ready for babies??  Possibly…according to Instagram.  He posted a pic of on-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran saying: 'Damn near 5 years and this woman still putting up with my sh**. Need to have this baby and stop playing! My WCW.'  More HERE.

Beyonce is said to be leaning on Gwyneth Paltrow right now, taking notes on how to 'consciously uncouple' from Jay- Z. She was impressed with how Gwyneth and Chris broke up and still stayed friendly. She’s said to be planning to make her move and announce it this fall and expect them to still be seen together all lovey-dovey. Beyonce’s mom says their marriage is “perfect”…

More evidence that Drake and Rihanna are back on.  On Tuesday night, RiRi showed up at Drake and Lil Wayne's concert in Forest Hills, New York.  TMZ caught her standing in the front row with her hands in the air during his performance, seated with Wayne's family and other VIPs.  A night earlier, Rihanna and Drake made headlines after attending the same nightclub, where sources say they sat together for two hours and left 20 minutes apart.  

FYI…After just two months of dating,  Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez have split up.
An insider says, "It was very mutual," but so far there’s no word on what caused the breakup. 

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp have called it quits after nearly three years of dating.
Distance was reportedly a factor in the decision. She lives in New York City, while Mellencamp still lives in Indiana.

Ariana Grande's new album is out Tuesday, but you can stream four new songs now. 

Memo to the world: Rita Ora is done talking about ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. During a red carpet interview in New York to promote her new album and fragrance, an interviewer began a question, "There’s been a lot of rumors about Calvin Harris not releasing some of your stuff..." Ora shut it down. She said, "Thank you. Bye bye," and walked away.
Jennifer Hudson's half-brother is behind bars for allegedly stabbing a man that was in a relationship with his estranged wife.  According to TMZ.com, Steven Simpson has been jailed in Paw Paw, Michigan.  In 2012, Jennifer Hudson's brother-in-law, William Balfour, was sentenced to three life sentences for killing Hudson's mother, brother and nephew in 2008. 

So not only does the Super Bowl halftime performer not get paid for the gig, now the NFL has reportedly asked the artists in consideration to perform at halftime of the 2015 Super Bowl to pay for the right to play the most-watched TV event of the year. Rihanna, Katy Perry and Coldplay are reportedly the three candidates the NFL is looking at to play next February in Glendale, Ariz. Sources claim that the suggestion "got a chilly reception from the candidates' representatives."
Cindy Crawford is offering to pay for PCB testing at her kid’s school after routine soil tests found elevated levels of that chemical in window caulk in 4 classrooms. She and her husband have taken their two kids out of Malibu High School because PCB can cause cancer and hurt people's immune/reproductive systems. The school tested 10 random classrooms for PCBs, and four were found to be over the federal limit.
Kourtney Kardashian has checked her family into a Beverly Hills hotel after claiming the new home she purchased from former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson is covered in dangerous mold. Kardashian's decorator found the alleged mold hidden behind a fresh coat of paint when installing some light fixtures. She wants to sue who’s responsible, but Johnson believes it manifested after he moved out. 

Get ready for more Kate Plus 8…TLC is bringing it back in December.  It’ll follow them on a Boston vacation and getting the kids ready for school. Can’t. Wait. 

Eyewitnesses inside a club Monday night tell TMZ ... Drake and Rihanna had tables next to each other and were deep in conversation, flirtatious and whispering in each other's ears.  Click HERE for the story and pics.  BTW…Drake gets a lap dance from Nicki Minaj in her new video.  If you'd like to see the totally NSFW video...click HERE sassy pants.

Well this is awkward.  Kevin Hart proposed to his girlfriend, Eniko Parrish and took her to celebrate at a strip club.  That’s not the awkward part.  It got awkward when his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, was at the strip club with her co-stars on “Atlanta Exes” celebrating the show’s premiere. Story HERE.

Is Taylor Swift being racist in her new video?  Some say yes. She’s being accused of playing on racial stereotypes of African-Americans during the shots with hip-hop twerkers. Some Twitter followers say she tried to "play the quirky white girl who can't fit in" and only accomplished "being ridiculously racist." See tweets and the video HERE.

Taylor is set to perform this weekend at the MTV VMAs along with Beyonce, Ariana Grande and now Sam Smith. Others hitting the stage include Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Usher, Five Seconds of Summer and Iggy Azalea.

Oh…and no one is buying Taylor’s perfume.  Or Justin Bieber’s.  And parent-company Elizabeth Arden is pointing the finger at them for a 25 percent drop in sales. 

BTW...Taylor made some announcements Monday... first she announced a new single, "Shake It Off!" Secondly, she announced a new album titled 1989, after Taylor's birth year.  You can pre-buy 1989 now online, and will find it in stores on Oct. 27!

Why was JLo riding with her ex Casper Smart the other day?  Not sure…but they are not getting back together. BTW…He just bought a house for $720,000 in the San Fernando Valley with his own money he made from choreography gigs.  Click HERE for the pics.
Calvin Harris is topping the new "Forbes" list of the world's highest-paid DJs.  The Scottish musician brought in a reported 66-million-dollars in the past 12 months.  Harris says the "rise in dance music has been astronomical in the last three years" and that he "happened to be in the right place at the right time."  Runner-up on the "Forbes" list is French DJ David Guetta, who earned 30-million-dollars in the past year.  Rising stars Avicii and Tiesto are tied at number three. 

Nintendo has responded to requests that Robin Williams be immortalized in the "Legend of Zelda" video game series after a fan-led petition amassed more than 100,000 signatures for a character to be named in his honor. Williams was an avid gamer who named his eldest daughter Zelda Williams after the titular princess. The father-daughter duo even appeared in a television commercial for the game. "Robin Williams was loved at Nintendo. Our hearts go out to his family and especially to Zelda Williams, who we've worked with multiple times," said the company. "We appreciate the outpouring of support from the gaming community, and hear the request of fans to honor him in a future game. We will not be discussing what might be possible for future games during this difficult time, but we will hold our memories of Robin close." Williams will also be memorialized in a future installment of "World of Warcraft."

In other Robin Williams news, a 21-year-old woman from New Zealand has cancer and one of the things on her bucket list was to meet Robin Williams. She was too ill to travel to the U.S., so Robin Williams sent her a video message a few months ago.

Don Pardo, whose voice was synonymous with “Saturday Night Live” for generations of fans, has died. The radio and TV announcer was 96. Pardo died Monday evening. No details of his death were immediately available.He broke his hip in March 2013, causing him to miss two episodes of the SNL season, but he was back introducing the cast starting in September.

Kanye West has secretly been recording tracks with Paul McCartney, sources tell Page Six. The rapper and the former Beatle have quietly been collaborating on a number of tracks that could develop into an album. One song, tentatively titled "Piss on My Grave," is sparking some chatter. West's wife Kim Kardashian has been heard telling friends she was a little surprised they chose such a provocative name. Kanye, whose rep declined to comment, was also present at McCartney's show at LA's Dodger Stadium last week. The legend had previously revealed he would be interested in collaborating with a rapper such as Kanye or Jay Z.

Lindsay Lohan is working on a memoir about her life, and there may be several sequels. "I want to put a lot of photos and cool stuff," Lohan, 28, said in a new interview. "It will probably be like a trilogy, like Harry Potter because there's so many. Lohan is planning to maximize on her writing because it has been "therapy" for her over the years, she said. "I've kept journals my whole life, since when I was a kid and stuff and I think I have a lot to say," she explained. "I feel like my book will be more about that than anything else because there's the excitement of the life that I have lived but I've seen a lot and if I can help anyone that might feel like its ok to screw up, it's OK to feel lonely, or ugly or to feel overweight or underweight." No further details about the upcoming book were given, but Lohan has been the subject of two unauthorized biographies in recent years.

On her website, J.K. Rowling has released a story about the lesser-known 'Harry Potter' character, Celestina Warbeck. She explained that Warbeck is a warbler who would most look like 1950s singer, Shirley Bassey, calling her “one of my favourite ‘off-stage’ characters in the Harry Potter series.” Rowling says the character has been part of the Potter world ever since it was created, making an appearance in the ‘Daily Prophet’ series she produced for a fan club.

Kevin Hart proposed to his longtime girlfriend Eniko Parrish Monday. The comedian and the aspiring model/actress have been dating for five years.

Sources close to Robin Williams says his suicide was spontaneous and not something that was planned ahead of time. TMZ said he was talking to a confidante about several upcoming projects just hours before taking his life, and that he was very engaged in the conversation.  They said he was unhappy as he often was, but nothing out of the ordinary.  TMZ says no one in his life, including his wife and personal assistant, had any idea suicide was looming. Sources say he was struggling with the Parkinson’s diagnosis, but that it mostly likely wasn’t what drove him to end his life.  They say it probably had the most to do with his devastation over the cancellation of his show, “The Crazy Ones”, which he took as a personal failure.  That sent him into a tailspin and back into rehab for depression. He told a friend, “My face is all over town [on billboards] and it's all on my back."  As for the Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis, he had known for 5 months, but with powerful drugs, doctors say it would likely be 6 or 7 years before he started to show symptoms. In the meantime, the family funeral will be private in San Francisco.  A public memorial that doubles as a comedy benefit is in the works. For earlier stories, scroll down.

Rob Schneider blames the drugs Robin was taking to fight his Parkinson’s for his suicide. The actor tweeted: “Now that we can talk about it #Robin Williams was on a drug treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s. One of the side effects is suicide.” Schneider met Williams more than 20 years ago when they appeared on “Saturday Night Live.” They remained close friends and often performed together in stand-up comedy clubs.


Will Smith surprised the crowd at The Palms in Vegas Friday afternoon while he there to support his son Trey’s DJ gig.  He ripped his shirt off and rode the pony as he sang "Jump on It".  Trey was DJing the event with none other than Jazzy Jeff…so of course, they busted into “Summertime”. 

 Britney Spears' latest run of dates in Las Vegas is getting a rough start.  People are ticked off she’s lip syncing again, after concert-goers caught a slip-up during her Saturday show at the Planet Hollywood.  Fan videos on Instagram seem to show Britney onstage starting to sing her song "Perfume."  The music coming from the speakers however seems to be playing a version of the song recorded by Sia, who also wrote it.   Britney reportedly continued performing the song without missing a beat.  At the start of the run back in December, her manager said would be "singing live" but that no artist can do full choreography "without a vocal track underneath."  

Christina Aguilera tweeted about the birth of her daughter...

Former U of L star Peyton Siva and his wife also welcomed a daughter...

Katy Perry got her nose pierced...
Chris Martin is reportedly dating Jennifer Lawrence because she's the opposite of his estranged wife Gwyneth Paltrow. The Coldplay frontman, who has been secretly seeing the actress since June, apparently fell for the pizza-eating smoker after they were seen in deep conversation at the after-party for Coldplay's Royal Albert Hall gig in London. A source claims: "Chris feels he's dating someone who has everything he's been missing out on in the past 11 years. Jennifer doesn't take herself too seriously and when she is not filming she just wants to hang out and have a good time." The actress, 24, is also said to have given the 37-year-old musician a "new lease of life" and the pair can't stop laughing when they are together.

Five years after his death, Michael Jackson became the first to debut a new video on Twitter yesterday with A Place With No Name. See it below...


Robin Williams' wife Susan Schneider issued a new statement on Thursday in which she revealed he was in the early stages of Parkinson's Disease, which she noted he was "not ready yet to to share publicly." Schneider says that she hopes his struggles with depression and the revelation of his disease will give strength to others "to seek the care and support they need to treat whatever battles they are facing so they may feel less afraid." Williams' friend Michael J. Fox says he's shocked that Robin Williams was secretly battling Parkinson's. He tweeted Thursday evening, "Stunned to learn Robin had PD. Pretty sure his support for our Fdn predated his diagnosis," Fox went on. "A true friend; I wish him peace." After the news of Williams' death broke earlier this week, Fox remembered his pal as "famously kind, ferociously funny, a genius and a gentle soul. What a loss."  TMZ has new pics of Robin and his wife at an art gallery the night before his death with witnesses saying he looked frail, but in good spirits. For earlier reports on this story scroll down.
A new touching tribute is up on YouTube incorporating part of the ending monologue from Robin's 1996 movie, "Jack".

In the wake of Robin's grieving daughter Zelda quitting Twitter after getting harassed by cruel users following her father's suicide, Twitter released a statement stating they're cracking down on Internet trolls. Zelda shared with followers that she was "shaking" after tormentors sent her cruel tweets including a Photoshopped image of her late dad's corpse. She eventually quit Twitter entirely on Wednesday. "We will not tolerate abuse of this nature on Twitter," Twitter's vice president of trust and safety said in a statement.

American Idol season 2 finalist Josh Gracin is being held under a 5150 psychiatric hold by law enforcement after he was pulled over by police.  He went missing yesterday after posting an apparent suicide note on Facebook. The note said, 'I've loved her for 17 years,' the Nothin' To Lose singer wrote. 'I made mistakes... I admitted them, told her the truth and she turned her back on me when I needed her help the most.' Adding: 'Please remember me as someone who gave his all in his music... Pray for my family as they carry on in this world without me. Goodbye.'  He’s married with four kids.  More HERE.

Amid reports that the youngest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis is in rehab, multiple sources confirm that the 20-year-old is getting help. "Tallulah was pretty much given an ultimatum," a family insider says. "Her parents were about to take away everything from her." Her troubles go back years: A source says she was "adversely affected" by her parents' divorce in 2000 and a former high school classmate says her mother's hospitalization and subsequent rehab stint in 2012 also weighed heavily on her. "When Demi was hospitalized, Tallulah didn't show up to school for days because she was too embarrassed," the classmate says. "She was very open about Demi's issues and would sort of imply, 'Of course I have issues too, look at my mom.' "
Justin Bieber posted and then deleted a new photo of himself with Selena Gomez on Thursday. In the pic, taken at a movie theater earlier this week, Bieber is carrying Gomez as she kisses him on the check. "Right now everything else is a blur," Bieber captioned the pic. The posting came after a few fans claimed to spot them together, with Bieber's pic now confirming the initial blurry fan photos. And the on-and-off couple were also at a Bible study group together on Wednesday night, as confirmed by fellow attendee. Bieber tweeted after the religious session, "God is good."

T.I. took the stage ... literally.  He rented a stage for his concert tour and treated it like a flower arrangement at a wedding reception dinner table ... in other words, he took it home without paying. T.I.'s "America's Most Wanted" tour -- a collaboration with T.I. and Lil Wayne -- was big last year.  The centerpiece of the stage was an expensive screen -- known as a roll drop -- used to project video and photos.   T.I. paid the rental fee but according to a new lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ --  when the concert was over the rapper didn't return the roll drop. The rental company says its roll drop doesn't come cheap -- $50K.  But the rental company wants twice that, arguing they could have made lots of money renting it out to other performers.  TMZ contacted T.I., who said, "What do I need with rollers?"

Kendall Jenner has threatened legal action against a waitress who claimed she threw money at her when she forgot to pay her bill. Lawyers for the 18-year-old sent a cease and desist notice to waitress and former "Skins" actress Blaine Morris, demanding that she print an "appropriate retraction and sincere apology." The New York Post posted the story earlier this week, based on a tweet from Morris that read, "That horrible moment you chase a Kardashian down the street because she forgot to pay her bill to be thrown money in your face." According to the Post, Kendall and a pal had dinner at a NYC eatery where Morris served them, and when they were refused alcohol, they left in a huff. Morris then ran down the street to collect money for the bill, and Kendall allegedly tossed two $20 bills at her. Kendall tweeted, "These rumors r absolutely ridiculous! I would never throw money in anyone's face or act that disrespectfully. I was raised better than that."

Looks like Tori Spelling is happy about the progress she and cheating husband Dean are doing to repair the marriage. She wrote on her website: 'As all of you know, our family has been through a lot this last year. 'I'm happy and proud to say that we are doing really well, and Dean and I are working very hard to make our relationship and our family better than ever. 'I'm proud of Dean for all the hard work he's been doing on himself.'
Farrah Abraham recently began a stripping gig at Palazio Gentlemen's Club in Austin, a source confirms. "She was hired a couple of weeks ago as a cocktail waitress but wanted to make more money dancing, so they moved her up to the stage," the insider dished. "She was on all three stages, the main stage and two side stages." But Abraham says she hasn't begun a new career as a stripper. "It's how I get the information to write my books and do my movies," she said. "Unfortunately, I'm not free to talk about what those future projects may be. But I'm interested in hearing all the women's stories. And while I'm doing it, I'm getting paid. I'm getting paid to play a role and get informed." In the non-stripping part of Abraham's career, she's playing "an evangelical do-gooder" in the slasher flick Axeman 2: Overkill.

Godzilla 2 is coming atcha Jue 8, 2018…mark it down. “Godzilla” has already grossed $508 million worldwide, making a follow-up something of an inevitability. The studio recently announced a “King Kong” prequel, “Skull Island,” which will bow November 2016.

Previous news: 

Robin Williams resented having to work on films such as the second "Mrs Doubtfire" but felt compelled in order to keep money coming in. A close friend of the actor says Williams felt doing movies drained him and vulnerable to depressive episodes:  making more films as they "brought out his demons". But he had still committed to starring in sequels to the hugely successful “Mrs Doubtfire” and “Night in the Museum” as well as comedy “Merry Friggin’ Christmas.” The friend says he signed up to do them purely out of necessity because the money wasn’t rolling in anymore-- and life is expensive when you have to pay off two ex-wives and have a family to support.

The Brittany Murphy Story, starring Last Man Standing's Amanda Fuller as Brittany and Twin Peaks' Sherilyn Fenn as Sharon Murphy, Brittany's mom, will premiere September 6th on Lifetime. Sharon Murphy, who was not consulted for this movie and has not been involved with production. The two-hour made-for-TV movie will show Murphy's young life as a child actress, her tragic death and the immediate aftermath. Murphy died on Dec. 20, 2009, and though her cause of death was called into question, the coroner ruled she died from pneumonia and other causes. Her husband Simon Monjack died five months later of the same causes.

Allegedly, Miley Cyrus is the worst guest ever after she and her entourage caused chaos at a luxury New York hotel. According to the new issue of Life & Style, Miley and her friends were out of control in the lobby of the Greenwich Hotel when they arrived on the evening of Aug. 2 ... after her Bangerz concert in Philadelphia. A source says, “It was like a tornado hit the lobby. Miley and her posse took over, screaming and carrying on so much that management received a number of complaints. “Led by Miley, someone in the group was smoking pot, and they were swearing loudly and throwing themselves all over the expensive furniture.” When hotel employees asked Cyrus to dial down the ruckus, she flipped out, saying that, “she’s spent so much money there that they should be glad to have her,”.


The daughter of Kim and Kanye, North West, now has her own spread in a magazine. It looks like Nori’s first solo shoot comes courtesy of Carine Roitfeld and CR Fashion Book. Nori is wearing Chanel!

The mother of Ronald Goldman is auctioning off the $9 million wrongful death judgment against OJ Simpson online. She listed the judgment on JudgmentMarketplace.com. Bidding continues for 30 days, but it can be bought right away for $1 million.
Simpson’s judgment is worth $24.7 million after interest is factored in… but that’s only if Simpson pays. The winning bidder takes on the risk of collecting from the ex-football star who has been in a prison in Nevada since 2008 on a robbery and kidnapping conviction.
Gwyneth Paltrow seems to have gleefully moved on from Chris Martin. Just four months after splitting from Martin, there were reports they might get back together.  But now we hear that Paltrow is now said to be dating “Glee” co-creator Brad Falchuk, according to Us Weekly. “Things started off professionally,” an insider said. They reportedly headed off to a romantic getaway in Utah during the weekend of July 25.  More HERE.

Celine Dion will indefinitely postpone all of her show business activities in order to focus on husband René Angélil and her health. Angélil underwent surgery last December to remove a cancerous throat tumor, and Dion's rep said it has "been a very difficult and stressful time for the couple as they deal with the day-to-day challenges of fighting [Angélil's] disease while trying to juggle a very active show business schedule, and raise their three young children." Dion said in a statement, "I want to devote every ounce of my strength and energy to my husband's healing, and to do so, it's important for me to dedicate this time to him and to our children. I also want to apologize to all my fans everywhere, for inconveniencing them, and I thank them so much for their love and support." Dion has been battling an inflammation in her throat. She has not been able to perform any of her scheduled shows in Las Vegas since July 29th.

Robin Williams was found dead Monday in his house in Tiburon, California of a suspected suicide. Details are sketchy, but according to a sheriff's statement, a 911 call came in at 11:55am describing a man "not breathing inside his residence." The sheriff's office and two fire departments were dispatched to the house north of San Francisco where Williams, 63, lived with his wife. Williams was "pronounced deceased" at 12:02pm, and investigators suspect "the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia." The actor's publicist said in a statement that Williams had been suffering from acute depression. He'd also been open about his past substance-abuse battles, and recently admitted himself into a preventative treatment facility to confirm what his rep called his "continued commitment" to staying clean.  Celebrities reacted on Twitter...and Conan O'Brien found out while taping his show. The Academy tweeted about his passing too...

Shortly after Robin Williams' death Monday, a man (Nicholas Rabchenuk) and his girlfriend headed to the Boston Public Garden bench Williams and Matt Damon made famous in "Good Will Hunting". They brought flowers and chalk, and found two fans already sitting on the bench. The four of them teamed up to write lines from "Good Will Hunting" on the ground, including "sorry guys, I went to see about a girl" and "your move, chief." The fans would like to see similar memorials pop up at benches around the world, as well as other Boston-area sites portrayed in the film.  Here's the park bench scene...

Zac Efron is giving away his first car as part of a new fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Foundation. On Monday, the actor announced that fans can donate $10 to be entered into a raffle drawing for one of his most prized possessions. The grand prize includes not only getting Efron's vehicle to keep, but also being flown out to Los Angeles to meet him. "This is the car I learned everything in," says Efron. "How to drive in, got my first driver's license in, got in my first car accident in, which was not my fault for the record." Donating higher amounts gives fans additional entries, and nets automatic prizes, such as autographed shirts and more, though some of the highest offerings — such as a $3,000 donation for a skateboard designed by the star — have already been snatched up.
Zac was the first celeb Bear Grylls took out on his new show Running Wild with Bear Grylls on NBC…last night, it was Channing Tatum.  Bear talked to him about his first job after college…dancing for the ladies!  And gave Bear a dancing lesson...on a cliff.

Miley Cyrus is a mommy....to a piglet named Bubba Sue.  
Bruce Jenner got pulled over by the cops Sunday...and Brody Jenner got it on video.

Daniel Radcliffe's role as Harry Potter is what launched his career, but the actor doesn't even think he was all that great in the film series. "My acting is very one-note and I can see I got complacent and what I was trying to do just didn't come across," Radcliffe said. Unlike some actors who refuse to watch their own work, Radcliffe sat through each and every of the Harry Potter movies. "It's hard to watch a film like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, because I'm just not very good in it," Radcliffe said. "I hate it." He doesn't hate his work in all the films, though: "My best film is the fifth one because I can see a progression," Radcliffe said. "It's more important for me to be very critical because I've grown up in an atmosphere where everyone is always wanting to be nice to me and say what I'm doing is great. And so you don't trust that."

Fans who watched the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night vented their frustrations on Twitter after finding out the awards show was fixed. Fans are able to vote on who they want to win each category on Teenchoiceawards.com but were upset after finding out some of the winners weren’t the top vote getters. During the show, a message scrolled across the bottom of the screen that said Teenasaurus Rox has the right to choose a winner out of the top four vote getters in a category. The group said they do it so they know the winners can attend the event. The two award winners that were chosen by Teenasaurus Rox were The Olay Fresh Effects Breakout Star and the Ultimate Choice Award. The statement #TeensDontHaveAChoice became the top Twitter trending topic during the show. Several Twitter users said their childhood was a lie and they thought it was the “teens choice” and not the “producers choice.”

As far as the Teen Choice winners go... "The Fault in Our Stars" won for Choice Movie Actor: Drama, (Ansel Elgort), Choice Movie: Drama and Choice Movie: Chemistry. Shailene Woodley won Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure. Selena Gomez teared up while accepting her Ultimate Choice Award. She thanked her fans and mom: "I want to thank my mom so much because she's the greatest human being in the world, and she's strong and she's given up her life for me. This never belongs to me. This only goes to you."   Kylie Jenner accepted Best Reality Show for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" with sisters Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian. " Demi Lovato opened the Teen Choice Awards with a performance of "Really Don't Care" with Cher Lloyd. The single would later win Choice Summer Song. " 5 Seconds of Summer won two Teen Choice Awards.
Speaking of Kim Kardashian...she admitted to taking 1,200 selfies while on vacation in Thailand earlier this year, and now has signed a deal to release a 352-page book of selfies in April. Appropriately titled Kim Kardashian Selfish, the collection will be available for $19.95. The cover features Kim giving her best sexy stare into the camera with ample cleavage on display. Kardashian explains how the book idea came about in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, telling her family it all started when she was making a personal book of photos for Kanye West.

Paris Hilton racked up a $2.7 million payday for four nights work as part of her new two-month DJ tour that she kicked off at Ibiza's Amnesia club. A source said, ''The crowds do seem to enjoy it but most are too off their faces to care that she's simply pressed play on a Beyoncé megamix.'' Paris seemed to confirm the huge payday by retweeting a fan's message that read: ''Only Paris can do this RT @SuperiorPics Paris Hilton 'getting paid $2.7 for just FOUR nights work as DJ in Ibiza.'''

Miley Cyrus has thrown her support behind Nicki Minaj, posting a photo of her face superimposed onto the big booty shot the “Anaconda” singer used to promote the song, which leaked a little more than a week ago.  She included the caption:
“#dontwantnoneunlessyougotbunzhun @nickiminaj”  Oh…and then she Instagrammed a pic of her peeing in the woods.  

Dwayne Johnson's mom Ata Johnson and cousin Lina Fanene were hit by a drunk driver last week, and he posted a photo of the totaled car, as well as his reaction to the horrific crash. "My mom & cousin @linafanene were struck head on by a drunk driver this week – they lived," wrote Johnson on Instagram, noting, "First reaction is to find the person who did this and do unrelenting harm to them. But then you realize the most important thing is my family lived thru this and we can hug each other that much tighter these days." Johnson added, "Hug your own family tighter today and be grateful you can tell them you love them. #BearHugsAndGratitude #100PercentPreventable #ChoicesMatter."
Three former maids claim Michael Jackson would threaten his staff with animal poop balls and openly pee all over the house. The maids spoke anonymously with the New York Post, painting a shocking picture of filth. One said that when the urge hit, Jackson would simply unzip his pants and pee in the grand entry hall of Neverland. The maids were shocked, because when guests like Oprah or Elizabeth Taylor would visit, the floors would be waxed, but when Jackson was alone, all bets were off. Another maid says Jackson would track in animal poop from the mini-farm and then threaten to throw poop balls at the help. The maids say Jackson lived like a pig, his bedroom littered with half-eaten chicken, chips, empty wine and whiskey bottles. The problem was so bad that the house was infested with bedbugs.
Lady Gaga was hospitalized after her concert in Denver. She shared a selfie on Instagram that shows her in an oxygen mask with the caption, "Altitude Sickness is no Joke! #hitThatHospitalS--t #artRaveDenver many true ravers crowd tonight." Gaga's next stop on the artRave tour is in Seattle on Friday. So far, there have been no plans to cancel the show. Lady Gaga was forced to cancel a series of concerts last year following hip surgery.

Beyoncé is not only nominated for 8 VMAs she is also set to receive MTV's Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, honoring an artist's body of work. Past Video Vanguard recipients include Justin TimberlakeBritney SpearsBeastie BoysMadonna and, of course, Michael Jackson, for whom the award was renamed in 1991. Additionally, Beyoncé will perform AND Brittany Arnold will get to be there on August 24th to see it.

Weird Al Yankovic recently put out the first No. 1 album of his career, could a gig at the Super Bowl be next? A fan of the 54-year-old singer started a Change.org petition requesting that Yankovic be allowed to perform at the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show. The NFL has yet to respond.

One American Idol season 14 hopeful in Nashville wanted to dance with Jennifer Lopez.  So, he just asked her. J Lo asked, "Dance with you right now?  What kind of dancing? Because my heels are really high… " Finally she did and fellow judges Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban provided music on piano and guitar. So she then lays her head on his shoulder as he serenades her with Sam Smith's "Stay with Me.”  When finished J Lo said, “Oh, thank you… this is so sweet. That’s the most fun I've had in months."

Justin Bieber did a FaceTime video chat on Wednesday with Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old Pakastani who was shot in the head in 2012 by the Taliban for promoting girls' rights to education. Bieber took to Instagram to publicly pledge his support to her organization, The Malala Fund, which focuses on empowering girls through schooling. "Just got to FaceTime with Malala Yousafzai," he captioned the snapshot. "She has such an incredible story. I can't wait to meet her in person and talk about how I can support her and the @malalafund. #love."

Here is the 1st clip from Lifetime's "The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story."  In it the cast argues at photo shoot. (nsfw language)

There are some topless photos allegedly of Selena Gomez floating around on the Internet, but the 22-year-old's rep says it's not Selena. Cell phone photos of a topless brunette woman caught the attention of onilne tabloids after a Tumblr user pointed out that the woman and Gomez appear to share the same placement of moles on her chest in an effort to authenticate the images. Someone sure has a keen eye, but Gomez's rep says that the topless woman in the photo is "not her." What's more, a quick Google image search shows that the images, along with more racy snapshots, were uploaded to Imgur 10 months ago.  If you MUST SEE the photos for yourself CLICK HERE

Kanye West is worried that drones will capture photos of daughter North and possibly electrocute her. The rapper made the admission during a deposition in an ongoing lawsuit filed against him by a paparazzi he allegedly assaulted. West told the opposing counsel that drones flown by photographers have been "stalking" 1-year-old North, even during her swimming lessons. "Wouldn't you like to just teach your daughter how to swim without a drone flying?" West is quoted as saying. "What happens if a drone falls right next to her? Would it electrocute her?" He went on to say, "I'm the smartest celebrity you've ever f***ing dealt with. I'm not Britney Spears." During the deposition, Kanye explains to the photog's lawyer, "I'm in the business of trying to make dope s**t for the world. You're in the business of representing scums and trying to make as much money as long as there's this lapse in the law."

Celebrities are just like us! Ludacris was forced to rearrange his teenage daughter's travel arrangements between Atlanta, Georgia and New York on Monday after becoming embroiled in a dispute with representatives at Delta Airlines. Luda flew from Los Angeles to Atlanta with 13-year-old Karma, and left her in the first class lounge of the airport with instructions on when to board the flight to the Big Apple, where her mother would be waiting for her. Airline attendants had to call him back and explain his daughter could not travel because she's under 15 and not with an adult. He refused to pay the $100 fee for an adult supervisor, and instead decided to take the girl home. Reps say when Ludacris booked the first-class ticket, he was informed there would only be an hour-and-a-half layover between the flights and there only needed to be an adult present when Karma landed in New York. He eventually paid the $100 and put Karma on the next available flight with a first class seat.

Cate Blanchett and Lupita Nyong'o made Vanity Fair's 2014 international best dressed list on Wednesday along with Kate Middleton, who was named to its Hall of Fame. It is Blanchett's second appearance and the first for Nyong'o on the annual list, which does not rank its fashion stars. The style setters list is dominated by actors, but it also includes European royals, sports stars and artists. Grammy-winning musician Pharrell Williams made the list and Neil Patrick Harris was another first-timer on the list.

Olivia Wilde is getting a lot of attention for the photo shoot she did for the September issue of Glamour Magazine where she's shot breastfeeding her son, Otis.  She says, “Being shot with Otis is so perfect because any portrait of me right now isn’t complete without my identity as a mother being a part of that,” Wilde told the magazine. “Breastfeeding is the most natural thing. I don’t know, now it feels like Otis should always be on my breast.” (click HERE to see the pic)

Look at this baby who looks exactly like Jay Z!  Uhhhh...

Akon weighs in on the rumors Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage is falling apart. He says the fact Beyonce' and Jay Z have always kept their relationship private is what has led to so much speculation. Akon feels the couple always presented their relationship to the public as more of a business than a real relationship. He says famous people need to be open with their fans about their relationships or else they invite the kind of rumors that have dogged Jay Z and Beyonce lately.

James Corden is taking over for Craig Ferguson as host of "The Late Late Show" on CBS, claims an individual with knowledge of the situation. A representative for Corden did not immediately respond to requests for comment, while CBS wouldn't confirm. Corden stars in Disney's "Into the Woods" and can currently be seen alongside Keira Knightley in "Begin Again." While Corden might not be a household name in the U.S., he boasts a sizable social media presence with more than 4 million Twitter followers, which could bring a modern edge to the show.

Kim Kardashian is no more. North West's mama, posted on Instagram to announce that she no longer sports the Kardashian last name. Instead, she is now legally #Mrs.West.

According to STAR mag, Jennifer Garner is pregnant with her fourth kid. But Garner's rep, Meredith O'Sullivan said the actress is NOT pregnant.

Ariana and Big Sean rebounding… with each other? Big Sean has spent a good amount of time in the studio with Ariana Grande. He’s been featured on her singles, “Right Here” and “Problem,” as well as an upcoming single titled, “Beautiful Mistake”. Sources say it looks as though their time together could be developing into something more than just friends. Monday night, the duo was spotted in Florida on a movie date. A fan tweeted that the pair sat behind him in the theater and they were kissing the entire time.

Guys, Joe Jonas is single again. He and girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler broke up just a month before their two-year anniversary. A rep for the JoBro confirmed that singer and graphic designer have mutually decided to split. The rep added the split was amicable and the two remain friends. Allegedly, Joe wanted to be single right now and thought it would be best they be just friends.

Taylor Swift treated a young boy battling cancer to a private performance during her visit to Boston Children's Hospital over the weekend. The singer chatted with Jordan Lee Nickerson about Play-Doh and Spiderman before singing him "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." It doesn't take long before the 6-year-old started dancing and singing along. Swift has previously surprised patients at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island, visited children suffering from cancer in New York, and bonded with leukemia patient Lauren Hacker.

Speaking of Taylor… she dropped some major hints on Instagram yesterday alluding to a new single and album.  Possibly new single on the 18th?

This is cause for celebration… Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's marriage is officially more successful than her union to Kris Humphries!!! On Monday, the couple hit the 73-day mark — an ordinary occasion for most spouses, but a milestone for Kardashian since she split from Humphries after just 72 days. Of course, she ended up being legally wed to the NBA player for nearly two years due to a drawn-out divorce process. Most sources indicate that Kardashian is much happier with West, despite ridiculous tabloid reports claiming otherwise.
Sandra Bullock topped Forbes' list of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses this year with an estimated $51 million in earnings between June 2013 and June 2014, much of it from Gravity, which made $716 million at the global box office and took home seven Academy Awards. Runner-up Jennifer Lawrence made an estimated $34 million in earnings, primarily through her starring role in the Hunger Games films (Catching Fire opened November 2013) but also from her role in this year's installment of another franchise: X-Men: Days of Future Past. Rounding out the top five were Jennifer Aniston ($31 million), Gwyneth Paltrow ($19 million), and Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz (tied at $18 million).

Oh and Chris Pratt was on Shade45 talking about "Gaurdians of the Galaxy," Orlando Bloom, oh... and raps Eminem's verse of "Forgot About Dre."  (some NSFW language)

The drama between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom continued Friday night, when Justin banned him entry to the star-studded 40th birthday bash for Givenchy fashion designer Riccardo Tisci. Bloom was on his way to the party in Ibiza when Bieber's security did their best to keep him out. Bloom is said to have not entered the bash, that was also attended by Kanye West, Kriss Jenner, Kate Moss and Jared Leto. And it seems Bloom is just as happy to play the field as Bieber, as last week the actor was seen 'grinding' on the dancefloor and 'making out' with actress Nina Dobrev at Comic-Con.

Speaking of Bieber... he partied with Kim and Kanye in Ibiza.

Jay Z, Beyoncé, concert promoter Live Nation, HBO, and four lawyers reportedly attended an emergency meeting Thursday to address the couple's rapidly imploding marriage. But while execs at the session wanted to put out a statement, Jay Z and Beyoncé declined — ­because they couldn't agree on what it would say. Now officials fret that the couple's $100 million 'On the Run' Tour might be canceled before its finale. "This may not make it to San Francisco," a source said. "I'm definitely not sure that they'll make it to Paris." The tour, which is promoted by Live Nation, was in LA this weekend and was to arrive in San Francisco for two shows beginning Monday. The finale is scheduled for Paris in September. HBO, meanwhile, plans to telecast a major special on the tour next month.

By the way, Beyonce released her remix of "Flawless" with Nicki Minaj early Sunday morning where Miss B references the Jay-Z/Solange elevator fight:

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have broken up again. Sources say the “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” co-stars blame their busy schedules for their second breakup. The couple first broke up in 2013 after dating for two years.

There is a NEW Miss Teen USA!

Miss South Carolina K. Lee Graham wowed the judges of the Miss Teen USA pageant, winning the crown Saturday night in the Bahamas. Miss Mississippi was the runner-up.  Miss Graham ALMOST made us forget about the "other" Miss South Carolina.... almost.

Chandelier singer Sia said ‘I do’ to her filmmaker fiancè Erik Anders Lang on Saturday in Palm Springs. Who knew she was engaged?? Details about the wedding have been kept under wraps so far, but the 38-year-old did give fans a hint that something big was happening when she tweeted: 
Remember the one time Vin Diesel sang a little Sam Smith? 
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