Hair Salon Offers Snake Massages

The owner of a hair salon in Germany is drawing customers to his business with an unusual new employee: a 13-year-old python that gives neck massages.

Frank Doehlen, of the Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden, says he started using his ball python, Monty, to give massages to customers after being inspired by a massage technique he witnessed on a trip to South Africa.

Apparently Monty’s services are now in such high demand that he offers the snake massages to customers two days a week. “But only by appointment,” he said.

Frank explained that the 4-foot-long snake’s body is 90% muscle, making him an ideal masseur. “I often have a tense neck as a chimney sweep. Monty’s powerful way has done a lot of work. I’ll be back!” customer Flora Magdalena said.


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