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Why Is This Picture Of Hobby Lobby Going Viral?

by Alex posted Jul 7 2014 12:58PM
Oh, this is why. This young woman named Holly posted this picture just a few days ago, and not surprisingly it has taken over the internet. What are your thoughts?
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07/07/2014 12:59PM
Why Is This Picture Of Hobby Lobby Going Viral?
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07/07/2014 3:14PM
It has gone viral because ignorance is very far reaching in the United States, especially online
07/07/2014 3:41PM
You know getting mad at someone who is doing something that is against your religion is like getting mad at someone for eating a doughnut because you are on a diet.
07/07/2014 3:50PM
Pro Life?
This has nothing to do with pro-life. Religious freedom is a hoax when one religious denomination makes decisions for everyone that works for a large corporation. Its also smoke and mirrors for corporate greed and the rights attempt break down the benefits that the Affordable Care Act provides to those without access to basic health care due to their chronic illnesses or low income. Even the contraceptives that were spoken about in SCOTUS chambers (which the ruling was not limited to) didn't harm a human fetus, and in fact only stopped the natural menstrual cycle so the egg is never released for fertilization, much different than an 'abortion pill'. Regardless this girl is pandering to thr ignorance of the general public. P.S - she's holding a chick-Fil-a cup, a company that is both delicious but far from interested in saving the innocent lives of chickens.
07/07/2014 4:38PM
Somone eating a doughnut does not violate the dieters ethics and moral code. That oversimplifacation misses the mark completely. A closer example would be a victim of child abuse getting upset when they see a child beaten by somone. Now we have morals and ethics in play. Lets use your example in a senerio that has the correct context and see if it works: is like getting mad at somone for killing people when you belive in the value of human life.
07/07/2014 6:26PM
gov't too involved in private business
Hobby Lobby simply doesn't want the government to tell them they have to pay for the morning after pill, which the Affordable Care Act (which is far from affordable) does obligate them to do. They do provide benefits to their employees. They even make their minimum wage 170% higher than the nation. The employees could buy their own morning after pill instead of forcing the company who is morally against it to buy it for them.
07/07/2014 8:37PM
She's a stupid, ignorant girl. End of story.
07/07/2014 10:50PM
Doughnuts? Reply
You get after him for being to simple and you say that its like watching someone die. Why cant everyone stop hating religions. Let people believe what they want.
07/08/2014 8:37AM
Sure, it's okay
I'm okay with the Hobby Lobby thing, if they give up all their profits and get a 501c3 status. It's not moral to deny this to their employees, while they're investing 401Ks in the same companies that produce these contraceptives. It'snot moral as long as they're ordering junk from China, the country with the highest abortion rate in the world. Sounds like it's okay with them as long as profit is involved.
07/08/2014 8:45AM
strong in the face of adversity
I would shake her hand if I could. I'm sure she knew she would get ridiculed but I say Brava. I'd stand there next to get if I could the exact same way!
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