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What Living in Kentucky and Indiana Says About YOU!

by Ben Davis posted May 30 2014 7:42AM
This survey isn't exactly "scientific" but interesting to say the least.  Buzzfeed asked a bunch of people to say what they thought about the people from each state...

1st up - Kentucky
  • “Everyone I have met from Kentucky has destroyed my stereotypes of it.”
  • “I will never be able to pronounce ‘Louisville.’”
  • “Luhhhh-vul.”
  • “Luuuuuuuuuvaaaa.”
  • “Loov.”
  • “Kentucky people love talking about how much they love Kentucky.”

Next - Indiana
  • “Everyone in Indiana has celebrated Drive Your Tractor to School Day.”
  • “And Take Your Tractor To Work Day.”
  • “Everyone in Indiana is eating corn RIGHT NOW.”

Accurate? Would you ADD anything??

Complete list of states HERE

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Location : IndianaKentuckyLouisville
05/30/2014 7:47AM
What Living in Kentucky and Indiana Says About YOU!
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05/30/2014 9:30AM
People in Indiana drive cautiously like there could be a deer on the road at any time and louisvillians drive like the crack house they just left got busted.
05/30/2014 5:12PM
Everyone in indiana has, at some point, been to a party in a random open field.
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