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Watch: "O Holy Night" - 7 yr old Singer!

by Ben Davis posted Dec 21 2013 9:16AM
Photo credit: YouTube

Her name is Rhema Marvanne. She recorded this solo rendition of "O Holy Night" at just 7 years old and takes inspiration from her mother Wendi, who died from ovarian cancer in 2008, one year before she recorded this song.

Prepare to be blown away...

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12/21/2013 9:21AM
Watch: "O Holy Night" - 7 yr old Singer!
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12/21/2013 9:51AM
O Holy Night" - 7 yr old Singer!
This girl is awesome. I cried like a baby
12/21/2013 12:26PM
Today on wdjx tomorrow on ellen! Lol Amazing! Great control from a 7 yr old!
12/21/2013 12:34PM
Thank you Lord
For the purity of a child's faith and the absolute beauty of this spectacular voice!
12/21/2013 2:37PM
What a voice
12/21/2013 4:08PM
this little girl is very gifted all i can say
god blessed her
12/22/2013 1:11AM
child singer
Beautiful is not enough
12/22/2013 9:56AM
She's definitely got an Ángel's voice. I couldn't help but to CRT because it was so beautiful. Amazing!
12/22/2013 10:01AM
She has an ángel's voice! Brought me to tears!
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