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To The Fatty Running....

by Ben Davis posted Mar 10 2014 10:08AM
You can see where this is going.... somebody snaps a pic of a person jogging and posts it to Facebook accusing her of "footslogging in the wrong direction", calls her out for wanting to "stop twice a lap" and points out the "sweat" that "drenches" her body.
(sarcasm) Great.... just great.

But then, the tone changes.  The message becomes more inspirational and hopeful... and all of a sudden I'm torn.  Read for yourself below... 
(Some NSFW Language)

If you're the jogger... do you see this and smile or are you still offended by the way the message began??

BTW... you still have time to sign up for the KDF mini/marathon HERE. ;-)


03/10/2014 10:18AM
To The Fatty Running....
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03/10/2014 11:00AM
If I got past the beginning
I would be inspired. It would be hard to read those first few lines and not stop thinking what was coming next but to hear the end it's amazing the support of a stranger.
03/10/2014 12:26PM
to the fatty running...
I'm 5'5 don't step on the scale but smaller framed. I work hard at a hospital running all night long. You would think I'm healthy. I'm not. I am jealous of this runner with her drive and determination. I talk about working out but have excuses. You do rock!! I hope you know that every step you take you are convincing someone else to get their lazy behind up and move. Today it's me. Rock on all of us taking that first step...
03/10/2014 1:11PM
The harsh beginning of this message is just that. Harsh. But the harsh REALITY of this is that it's true. AND, speaking on behalf of "Fatties" everywhere- we KNOW it. We know how uncoordinated we look and how much our weight affects how we run. We struggle with every stride. It's never easy, it's embarrassing, and we almost never look anyone in the eye while we do it because we don't want them to remember us like this- we want them to remember us for what we become when we're done changing ourselves. But maybe I will glance up next time and allow the person passing me to express their support and give a smile. At least I'm moving...
03/10/2014 1:14PM
To the writer
honestly, I am still hurt by it. It has the hope in it, but the words sting. They bully me and still make me, no they are correct. I am still a fatty and will always be one. It doesn't matter how much weight I lose, or how many laps I run. Those words stay with me forever. They never go away.
03/10/2014 2:32PM
I see this and smile. I use to be 117pds to be exact heavier than I am now .. I chose to start running in 2007 to drop weight.. Little did I know it would save my life particularly. What people don't see now is a obnoxious runner now in me!? Sporting my runner stickers on the back of my car, 90%of my FB posts are running related, 80% of my wardrobe is fitness related's not easy getting where I am today. The hardest step is deciding to do something then to stick with it is the money breaker.. "Everyone starts somewhere" my momma didn't give me the genetics to be thin.. I work for it now..literally kicking Assphalt is 2nd nature to me.. I now motivated anyone that will listen or be willing to try! I am that girl people ask for advice now, bc some know my past and struggles.. & some see me as what I am now & cannot believe I was ever 262 PDs! But I can proudly and confident (which isn't easy with the media etc..) this derby half will be my 10 completed half marathons & this sept will be my 2nd full marathon in Dayton Oh.. I tell people all the time "your lapping everyone on the couch so keep going strong".. What the media and outsiders need to realize is the difference between being thin and healthy & fit! So girls and gals won't have body image issues as much! Happy running, jogging, or even walking as long as ur moving u are one badd@ss person!
03/12/2014 9:43AM
Im torn between these.It was so mean the way it started and if i was that runner i would personally hunt that guy down and give him a piece of my mind.Just saying.
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