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Louisville Made the Top 10 Hipster-y Cities

by Ben Davis posted Nov 12 2013 6:18AM
Congratulations Louisville... we've made another list. The list for most "Hipster City."  I'm looking at you Highlands...

Here are the 10 cities vying for the title of hipster-est.
10. Baltimore, MD
9. Louisville, KY - This is what they said about Louisville... Louisville's all about bourbon, BBQ, and bands that play indie rock. Oh, and beer. It's home to rockers My Morning Jacket and VHS or Beta (who, ironically, now live in Brooklyn), is the birthplace of Hunter S. Thompson, and actually has restaurants that don't require staff uniforms (!!!) -- so don't even think about complimenting the waitress on her flair. The city's best hotel, 21C, is a "boutique-cum-contemporary art museum".

The rest of the Top 10
8. Venice Beach, CA
7. Savannah, GA
6. Boulder, CO
5. Oakland, CA
4. Asheville, NC
3. Austin, TX
2. Eugene, OR
1. Seattle, WA

And yes, I typed this up while wearing my TOMS. Shut up.

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11/12/2013 6:28AM
Louisville Made the Top 10 Hipster-y Cities
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11/18/2013 5:03PM
TV Show
Did I hear you say on your show today that they are bringing back the tv show The Killjng for a 6th season? Ben, you are not the only one who watches! I discovered that show on Netflix & love the 2 main characters :)
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