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by Ben Davis posted Oct 2 2015 5:36AM
"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Germany Premiere - Arrivals
(Image Source:

During an MTV News interview with the stars of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2', Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth go to Camp Mockingjay. Then Jennifer Lawrence reveals that she doesn't wash her hands after using the bathroom, stuffs marshmallows in her mouth, and wins our heart.

Let's just get to the best part..... LOL

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2' is in theaters November 20th!

More HERE and HERE

by Ben Davis posted Sep 29 2015 5:32AM
(Screengrab Credit: YouTube)

This is pretty cool!  Austin Crecelius decided to propose to his girlfriend Allison Boyle.  So, he decided to do it on the the way up to the top of The Voyage at Holiday World.

He said life is a roller coaster... "Its got its up and downs, its got twists and turns, and it even throws you for a loop sometimes. And though you can go by yourself, its alot more fun to go with another person."  DON'T DROP THE RING!!!!

Later they realized, they shouldn't have brought the camera on the coaster.... whoops.


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by Ben Davis posted Sep 28 2015 7:11AM
(Photo Credit: WAPT News)

We can't ignore stories with phrases like, "mysterious 'strange animal' in the bowl of their toilet," and, "big brown mass with whiskers...."

Carol-Anne and Ronald Morris said they had just returned from their honeymoon when they found this mysterious mass in the toilet. Remember... this is news. They posted pictures and no one could figure out what it was. Experts at the Jackson Zoo couldn't figure it out either.
Plumbers said there are a number of ways the animal could have gotten into the toilet bowl, including coming up through the sewer. The couple said they’ve learned a valuable lesson: "Make sure to look before you sit down."

It's stories like this, that prove Kelly and I could never be serious news people. Haha

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by Ben Davis posted Sep 25 2015 7:19AM
"Montevistalobby2" by Jmbates020 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

This Facebook user, Ashy Murphy has a poltergeist.  So she did what any normal person would do, she uploaded clips to her page showing the standard paranormal activity like the cupboards banging, lights blinking, etc..... wait till the end.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOPE.

Ye think he have problems I'm down in the middle of no where with this happening to me wtf 󾌺

Posted by Ashy Murphy on Monday, September 14, 2015

However, it does seem odd that the cat is just chilling on the couch while all these mysterious things are happening around it.  There are a few who are now debunking this video....

by Ben Davis posted Sep 22 2015 6:49AM
(Photo Credit: WDRB)

This picture...

Thanks to this fine young lady who used her allowance to treat us to ice cream today after the funeral services. We...

Posted by Eric Homan on Friday, September 18, 2015

...has gone viral, thanks to the kindness of Sarah Yockey's daughter, Isabella Gregory.  They had stopped for ice cream at the McDonald's near the Radcliff Police Department when Isabella saw the Kentucky troopers and wanted to treat them to ice cream.Sarah said, "She used her allowance she earned this past week to put smiles on their faces. She said, 'Their friend died, and it's not fair because he has a family too.'"  LOVE THIS!

WDRB has more:

WDRB 41 Louisville News


by Ben Davis posted Sep 22 2015 6:02AM
"Pepperoni pizza". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

We're all like a rat running through life trying to drag along a piece of pizza....


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by Ben Davis posted Sep 21 2015 5:31AM
"Sueño (9215495371)" by Juanedc from Zaragoza, España - SueñoUploaded by juanedc. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Can you make it through this entire video without yawning?

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by Otis posted Sep 18 2015 3:33PM
Donald Trump Announces His Endorsement of Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential N
It's only typical that trending after a major GOP Debate wouldn't be anyting about the candidates or their political arguments.... NOPE! It was the hott gu in the audience behind the moderator. 

#'s like #HotDebateGuy and #MysteryHottie blew up twitter when women notice the very attractive gentlemen to the left of the debate moderator.
CNN found out his name is Greg Caruso from L.A. Caruso has spent all of today bouncing around to national morning show's like "The Today Show" to talk about how crazy it was to be the talk of the debate. Women all over went crazy for Caruso. Even calling for him to be the next Bachelor. He even seems like a real gentleman:
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by Ben Davis posted Sep 16 2015 4:42AM
(Image Source: Twitter)

You may have missed this, but with the announcement of Google Fiber looking at Louisville as a city to expand their fiber-optics network providing ultra-fast Internet service, everyone is excited..... including Mayor Fischer.  On Friday, he tweeted a photo of the front page from the Courier Journal, but neglected to crop it..... so everyone realized our mayor "Tweets from the seat."  

He's just like us!!

Keep on grinding Mayor!


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by Otis "O Show" posted Sep 14 2015 4:22PM
(Photo: KY State Police)
Sad day in Kentucky today as we mourn the loss one of our brave men who worked as a Kentucky State Trooper.

Trooper Joseph Ponder, 31, was shot and killed during  a  traffic stop late Sunday night. According to reports, the Trooper was led on a chase in I-24 (near Eddyville, KY), when the driver stopped abruptly and fired on the officer. He was hit several times and died later at the hospital. He'd been on the force for less than a year. Ponder was a Navy veteran and SEAL.

The suspect, Joseph Johnson-Shanks was at large for several hours until police found him in a wooded area, miles from the scene, according to  Johnson-Shanks, 25, was killed by officers after refusing to drop his weapon. 

This story saddens us all. It's another reason we need to hold our first responders in high regard because they truly put their lives on the line every day. This guy was my age and it just hits home a little harder. Our prayers go out to his family and friends. May God protect them and heal their sorrows. God Bless all of our police officers!

(Sources:, WAVE) More info click here
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