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by Ben Davis posted Oct 1 2014 12:21PM
(Photo Credit: Twitter)
Wow, what a story. There was a 10-year-old boy who had been reported missing for more than 14 hours when this reporter, who was reporting ON the missing boy, spotted him next door in a neighbor's yard.

See the crazy video of the reunion...



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by Ben Davis posted Oct 1 2014 6:32AM
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Someone started a new Instagram account solely featuring texts from exes.... and it's kind of awesome.
Sometimes you just want to cuddle...

That Jamie Oliver cookbook though...

Drunk texts.... whoops.

Which Sesame Street character? Telly or Oscar the Grouch?

Sonicare's are expensive...


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by Ben Davis posted Sep 30 2014 6:40AM
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There was a middle school football team in Missouri that ran a trick play over the weekend called, “the ugly Kardashian.”  Yup.

A little mean, but it's ok Kim.... they probably weren't referring to you.   Here's how the play works... the quarterback holds the ball over his head and acts like he was given the wrong ball. He then walks through the offensive line and ran for the end zone.  Touchdown!!

The team's coach didn't explain the name, other than saying that it made the players laugh. "Football is supposed to be fun," he said. "So the name stayed."

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by Kelly K posted Sep 30 2014 6:14AM
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This is all sorts of fabulous...these boys are finding out mom has a couple more siblings in her belly.  Their reactions are kind of fantastic.   (The magic kicks in at about 1:25...)


"Not two more like Caden!!"   Baaaahhhaaaaaa!


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by Ben Davis posted Sep 29 2014 6:34AM
(Photo Credits: Lafitte's FB and Wikipedia)

This is pretty cool.  If you wanted to visit the oldest bars in each state, you could, thanks to this list created by Yahoo! Travel.

1st off, if you were to visit the oldest bar in Indiana, you'd need to head up to Lafayette.  The "Knickerbocker" was established in 1835 as the “Cherry Wood Bar” of the Lahr Luxury Hotel, and issued Indiana’s first liquor license, this is in fact Indiana’s oldest bar.  Cooooool.

And if you wanted to drink in the oldest bar in Kentucky, you'd need to head down to Bardstown.  Talbott's Tavern was established in 1779 and the simple fact that people like, Abraham Lincoln, Jesse James, and Daniel Boone were knocking ‘em back at this bar make it WAY freaking cool!! Talbott Tavern’s the oldest bourbon bar in America, and still displays both bullet holes courtesy of Mr. James and murals painted by the entourage of exiled French King Louis Philippe.  Nice.

And the honor of the "Oldest Bar in America" goes to a bar established in 1673.  1673!!!  The White Horse Tavern in Newport, Rhode Island.

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Here's a tour of the OLDEST freaking bar in the USA!

For a complete list state by state CLICK HERE

by Ben Davis posted Sep 26 2014 8:37AM
Ladies...Channing wants you to be in his new movie so he can give you a LAP DANCE.  At least that's what we got out of this...


We're working on our video RIGHT NOW!!

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by Ben Davis posted Sep 25 2014 6:35AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Meet 4-year-old Milo.... he gets to experience heartbreak for the first time after finding out his crush liked ANOTHER boy..... oh no..... the pain is real.

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by Ben Davis posted Sep 25 2014 5:12AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Anchor Larry Potash has developed the latest WGN Morning News “promo.” It's brilliant. 

by Ben Davis posted Sep 24 2014 6:33AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

I'm all about what this guy is doing.  Why?  Because I have the maturity of an 8 year-old boy.  YouTube user, 66Samus, has uploaded a video of him thrashing on the guitar, hitting the drums and....... farting. YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!  Behold, "fart metal."


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