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The Mind Blowing 'Toy Story' Theory About Andy's Mom

by Ben Davis posted Feb 26 2014 5:11AM
Writer Jon Negroni made all sorts of noise with his theory about how all the Pixar movies are connected. His new theory, and it seems pretty solid... is that toy owner Andy's mom is also Emily, the original owner of cowgirl Jessie.

Wait, wait, wait!!

Remember in "Toy Story 2," when sheriff Woody meets Jessie, who in the heartbreaking song "When She Loved Me," tells of being abandoned by Emily, who grew up and shifted her interests from horses and dolls to nail polish and boys??

I know crazy right???
He goes on to explain, "Here’s what we know for sure; We don’t know the first name of Andy’s mom. We don’t know Emily’s last name. We know that Andy’s hat and Emily’s hat are the same. We know that Emily is old enough to be Andy’s mom. We definitely know that Pixar is perfectly capable of sneaking this in without being overt about it."

Mind Blown.

More on the THEORY HERE

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02/26/2014 5:19AM
The Mind Blowing 'Toy Story' Theory About Andy's Mom
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02/26/2014 9:49AM
Mind Blowing?
You know those aren't real people right?
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