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The Loch Ness Monster Discovered?

by Ben Davis posted Apr 22 2014 7:51AM

Have Apple's maps found the Loch Ness Monster?  Check out these satellite images that were beamed from Apple's satellite map app and could only be viewed on some iPads and iPhones.

People are saying this is legit.... what do you think?

AND there's video...

Here's the OG Loch Ness pic


04/22/2014 7:58AM
The Loch Ness Monster Discovered?
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04/22/2014 2:54PM
the loch Ness monster
Ok..that definitely looks like a whale
04/22/2014 3:33PM
If you look closly the fins appear to be a light color. so that would suggest that the body mass is a darker color. if you look at what appears to be the head its dark and then white. So this could mean the Nessie is swimming backwards. But in the video the wake goes th other way suggesting that Nessie pushes a lot of water behinf it. also at what appears to be the but there is a long slender like tail. I aint saying its Nessie but its close.
04/22/2014 8:15PM
It looks like a whale shark
12/31/2014 6:44AM
It's a whale shark.
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