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by Ben Davis posted May 7 2015 5:15AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Mariah Carey did a video for 'Funny Or Die' called 'Cooking With Mariah Carey'. In it, she demonstrates how to make "Frito Pie."

by Ben Davis posted May 7 2015 5:10AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)
During TNT's 'Inside The NBA', Shaquille O'Neal trips on something on the set and falls over....

Thank you, Internet.

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by Kelly K posted May 6 2015 1:41PM

Cats knocking stuff over. Just because.

Cats Knocking Stuff Overvia America's Funniest Home Videos

Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thank you AFV and Buzzfeed...
by Ben Davis posted May 6 2015 5:27AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

This gave me chills. YouTuber Joey Salads did a social experiment to show how easy it can be to trick a child. He is shining a light on the dangers and seriousness of child abduction.

Share and be aware.

by Ben Davis posted May 6 2015 5:27AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Glamour magazine had Anna Kendrick read 'Shower Thoughts' that people posted on Reddit. It's kind of fantastic.

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by Ben Davis posted May 5 2015 6:15AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)
Justin Timberlake plays Rick Sour Vane, a lime, in his latest role...

It's part of a new Sauza 901 tequila commercial starring Justin as a giant humanoid lime.... the best condiment in the world!!

by Ben Davis posted May 5 2015 4:54AM
(Photo Credit: Vine)

The original creator of the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Ceral" vines, Ryan McHenry, passed away from cancer at age 27. Ryan Gosling honored his vines with a vine of his own. If you're not familiar with the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal Vines", you can view them below.

Well, Ryan finally ate his cereal....

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by Ben Davis posted May 5 2015 4:47AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

It's only :09 and it's perfect.

by Kelly K posted May 4 2015 2:32PM
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Mary is 84-years-old....and REALLY likes Carl's Jr. burgers. So much so, that she thinks she needs to be in their next commercial. Her "audition" will leave you in tears...

YAAASSSSSSS! You're move, Carl's Jr.. Your move.

More HERE.

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by Kelly K posted May 1 2015 9:58AM
By far, one of the coolest people we met Backside at Churchill Downs this week was local actor, David DeSanctis! You can see him at Cinemark Tinseltown and Carmike Stonybrook May 15th in Where Hope Grows! He stars as "Produce"! Check out his BIO HERE!

Our favorite celebrity we've met backside so far! David is going to be in a local movie called "Where Hope Grows" coming to Tinseltown and Stoneybrook May 15th!

Posted by The Ben Davis & Kelly K Show on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Click HERE for coverage from shooting it here in town in 2013!

Did you know he had killer dance moves?? He did a little dancing with fellow Louisvillian Nicole Scherzinger!! Click HERE for VIDEO!!
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