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by Kelly K posted Jan 31 2014 2:23PM

Week One!

When I learned that I would be interviewing with Kelly K for an internship at WDJX, I...Well I'm not gonna lie, I called my mom I was so excited. And I didn't even have the job yet. The interview went well and I got the gig, but despite the job description Kelly sent me, I still had little to no idea what really to expect. 
    The first thing I did when I got to the studio for my first day was...well I got lost for half an hour before Linda Lambert found me wandering in the lobby and kindly brought me to the right place, but the SECOND thing was to meet Ben Davis and listen in on my first in person Ben and Kelly show. It was a little surreal listening to the radio show from inside the studio, but I had been listening to this show since I was a little kid and it was pretty darn cool. Soon after I arrived, I got to meet another one of the Interns, Chris Smiley. We got to know each other a little bit and discussed our expectations and past experiences. I wouldn't meet the traffic girl, Alex, until the next time I came in, but things started to congeal into an identity of the DJX studio with names and faces.

    My first task was to come up with a few ideas for a segments that would go on the air. It was only my first day and I was already making content for a show. It was a very very small amount of content, but it was a nice feeling nonetheless. Since then, other content I have created has been used on the air as well, like stories for the celebrity sleaze. In fact, a pretty large portion of the time I have been here has been spent searching the internet for outrageous stories and celebrity gossip. I'm starting to get a pretty good idea of what makes for good content and discussion on the air, and what might seem interesting, but is really not newsworthy.

    Everyone likes to have fun here, and one of the recurring things at DJX is the Wheel of Dares. Well, to make a long story short, my name was chosen to spin the wheel and I ended up singing Daft Punk in a coffee shop not once, but twice on video. It was a little embarrassing but ultimately I'm glad I played along. I had fun with it. The people of Starbucks did not, however.

    I'm having a lot of fun here, and I'm looking forward to doing the next thing, whatever it may be. My time here continues to be the best part of my day and week. The most recent thing I've had the opportunity of trying is voice tracking. It was a little weird to hear my own voice through the headphones as I practiced introducing songs, but it was really neat to play with the software.


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01/31/2014 2:23PM
Spring Interns
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