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Letter Instead of Candy?

by Ben Davis posted Oct 30 2013 9:46AM
Well then....

According to reports, a woman in Fargo, North Dakota says she'll be handing out letters, instead of sweet treats, to children she believes are "moderately obese." "I just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight," she said. "I think it's just really irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy just 'cause all the other kids are doing it."

What do you think about this? Is she helping or insulting?

The always sexy Carson Daly and Matt Lauer talked about it...

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Location : FargoNorth Dakota
10/30/2013 9:50AM
Letter Instead of Candy?
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10/30/2013 2:36PM
She would get an earful along with a lawsuit.
I would have my child show me this woman's house, and let her hear everything I thought about her. I would then contact a l lawyer to see if a case could be made that my child suffered emotional distress.
10/30/2013 3:10PM
Love how someone jumps right to getting a lawyer. Oh well someone thinks your kids are fat and you are a bad parent, deal with it! This is America everyone can express their own opinion. You don't have to believe what they say, learn how to take criticism. I feel sorry for kids of the lady who said she would get a lawyer.....
10/30/2013 5:22PM
LOL Activism
You could, you know, give out sugarless candy instead. Most of it tastes about as good as the genuine article -- I know I never had a problem with it when I was young. Or you could, you know, not participate. Halloween is voluntary, after all. I knowmy kids wouldn't put up with this -- they'd pick it up out of the bag to see what it was, realize it's not candy, and then ding the bell again.
10/30/2013 5:37PM
There is a chance that a child with thyroid problems is overweight because of that and not because of sugar. I do agree that it's the responsibility of the parent to make sure your child eats healthy, but it is absolutely none of your business how others raise their children.
10/30/2013 7:45PM
pass out heathly treats. letter, not needed. that lady doesn't know WHAT the parent intended on doing with the candy. maybe it was going to be rationed? SMH lead by positvie example my dentist gave out tooth brushes.. get creative if you feel that way. I've always been curvy, with or with out the candy at halloween. some people ARE built like that.
10/30/2013 9:24PM
Really a lawsuit
Really a lawsuit?!? What a waste of time and money. That's greed talking not emotional distress.
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