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by Ben Davis posted Dec 1 2015 5:15AM
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"Gangnam Style" star, PSY is back with bizarre new video called, "Daddy"... enjoy.

You remember "Gangham Style" right??

by Ben Davis posted Dec 1 2015 5:07AM
Full of Christmas cheer, a woman allegedly attacked her neighbors drone with a rock after she thought it was flying at her. Police were called and criminal mischief charges were filed.

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by Ben Davis posted Nov 25 2015 3:07PM
You may remember the "Hey Arnold" cartoon from your childhood with the football head kid. Well it seems the guy who voiced the part isn't so awkward looking. Matter of fact, according to the twitter verse, he should probably in the running for "sexiest man alive".

Lane Toran is from North Carolina and has the internet going wild after some of his instagram pics started going viral. Women all over are gushing over his beard and good looks. Like these tweets:
  Torin thanked his newly found fans for all the nice messages. You can follow him on Instagram HERE. Just try not to start following him in public after you see more pics. Even some guys were "man crushing a little". I'd have to admit, he has a pretty amazing beard!

Of course, I'll stick with my childhood crush... Topanga! Mmmmm!
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by Ben Davis posted Nov 25 2015 8:12AM
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This is the worldwide exclusive trailer debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night for Marvel’s "Captain America: Civil War."  My body is ready!

SO ready!!!  Movie is out in theaters May 2016!

by Ben Davis posted Nov 25 2015 5:26AM
Ben and Kelly got the opportunity to talk to a couple of local stars from the new movie, Carol.  KK and Sadie Heim are 7, from Louisville, and landed the role of Rindy Aird, the daughter of Cate Blanchett's character, Carol Aird.

Based on the novel, The Price of Salt, CAROL follows two women from very different backgrounds who find themselves in an unexpected love affair in 1950s New York.

by Ben Davis posted Nov 25 2015 4:39AM
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Adele got together with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to knock out her record-breaking hit, "Hello" on classroom instruments.  This will make your week.

Instrument list:
  • Adele - vocals, flip phone
  • Jimmy Fallon - wood block, huge bass drum, Casio keyboard
  • Questlove - hand clappers, orange shaker
  • Kamal Gray - xylophone
  • James Poyser - melodica
  • Captain Kirk - ukulele
  • Tuba Gooding Jr. - kazoo, banana shaker
  • Mark Kelley - kazoo
  • Frank Knuckles - bongos
  • Black Thought -- tambourine

by Ben Davis posted Nov 24 2015 7:21AM
2nd Annual Coach Woodson Las Vegas Invitational Pairings Party - Arrivals
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Everyone loves HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott right?  Well, there's going to be more of them to love when they drop some music tracks on us.  Yep, they're pursuing a country music career on the side and will debut two country music tracks during Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch, on Nov. 25th.

You can listen to, "Let The Night Shine In" and "Hold On" over on The Hollywood Reporter...

Oh, they've sung before...

Can't wait?


by Ben Davis posted Nov 24 2015 6:44AM
(Photo Credit: Fox10)

Meet Jarvis Johnson, who is camping outside the Best Buy in Arizona to get the deals.  This news segment has everything.... Jarvis showing off his tent MTV Cribs-style, his buddy Eduardo, to Jarvis dropping a freestyle rap on us!!



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by Kelly K posted Nov 23 2015 8:17AM
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We need to discuss how SPOT ON Joseph Gordon-Levitt is as Janet Jackson doing "Rhythem Nation"!!!!  Not that Anthony Mackie isn't great too...but DDAAYYYUUUMMMM!


by Kelly K posted Nov 20 2015 12:00PM
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So you've heard 7-year-old Audrey Nethery's story during our Kosair Children's Hospital Radiothon this week...but did you see her latest appearance on The Rachel Ray Show??  SHE WAS DANCING WITH THE ROCKETTES!!!

And of course, she took NYC....

Here's her story from Radiothon:

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Internet Is Melting Over The Guy Who Voiced "Hey Arnold"
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