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Secret Discovered Because of Facebook!

by Ben Davis posted Aug 19 2014 6:02AM
(Photo source: WIS-TV)

Wow.  Imagine checking through Facebook and seeing a picture of your husband with another woman.... Jerry Springer stuff right?  Well, there's a woman from South Carolina, whose identity has been been protected by the Newberry County Sheriff's Office, who filed a complaint with investigators after she saw WEDDING PHOTOS of her husband, 49-year-old Darnell Pixley, with another woman on Facebook. Daaaaaaaaaaaaayum!!

After looking online she found that her husband was already married to at least THREE other women and had divorced another.  Daaaaaayum!! Pixley was arrested Wednesday and charged with bigamy.  See a lovely photo HERE and HERE.


So, what HUGE secret did you uncover because of Facebook?


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Location : South Carolina
08/19/2014 6:23AM
Secret Discovered Because of Facebook!
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08/19/2014 9:24AM
secret life
I discovered my boyfriend had a secret life with 3 kids and a live in mom. Dayyuuuuuuum
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