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Other Countries Throw... American Parties?

by Ben Davis posted Mar 7 2014 6:02AM
Who knew the rest of the world throws "American" themed parties?? 

Apparently they do, and looking at pictures, there are certain "necessities" needed to make an "American" themed party a success: 
  1. Red SOLO cups
  2. Cake, popcorn, etc...
  3. Corny sunglasses and Duck Dynasty beards
  4. "Drinking" hats???
  5. And plenty of the good ol' red, white and blue

Let's party AMERICAN STYLE in France!!

In Amsterdam!

The beards...

Oh it's all about the RED SOLO CUPS in Russia!!! haha

ALL about the Red SOLO cups.  haha


Thanks Toby Keith..... #Murrica

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Location : Amsterdam
People : Toby Keith
03/07/2014 6:19AM
Other Countries Throw... American Parties?
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03/07/2014 10:34AM
As an American, I'm impressed.
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