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by Kelly K posted Oct 30 2014 9:23AM
Photo Credit: Facebook
This story will make you weep...grab the tissues. Something awesome... and heartbreaking is happening in Cincinnati this weekend.

19-year-old Lauren Hill has been battling a brain tumor for a year, and she has weeks to live. She just wants to make it long enough to play in her first college basketball game Sunday. Where 50 people might have typically come to watch, 10,000 bought tickets within an hour. The coach has a special play lined up for her, called Lauren's Layup.

More HERE.

And more HERE.

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 30 2014 6:00AM
It's become a tradition. Thanks to Sid the Clown and our friends over at Field of Screams we gently wake you up with a chainsaw-wielding masked man. Fun.

We weren't left out of the fun....
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Hey Jacob and Emily!

Mornin' Gracie Sue...

Hi there, Katlin



4th Grader Meagan and 6th Grader Tracey....oh no...

14 year-old Derrick looks happy!

Congrats Bobby.... you get to be 1st.

Want to do it to your friend? E-Mail us HERE with name, address, phone number, & person we're waking up!

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 30 2014 5:51AM
The Giants won the World Series for the 3rd time in 5 years, beating the Royals 3-2 in Game 7, Madison Bumgarner was named the World Series MVP and was on the podium when he was presented with the award and a brand new Chevy!

The representative from Chevy (Rikk Wilde) then proceeded to give this awkward presentation of the World Series MVP trophy, referring to a note card, and at one point touting the Chevy's 'technology and stuff'.... I'm crying right now!! lololol
Here come the Chris Farley memes!!

Oh.... and apparently the Chevy that was awarded, has already been recalled

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 27 2014 5:44AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Oh no.... her husband videotaped her after waking up from having her wisdom teeth pulled said she said she was upset because she didn't look like Nicki Minaj! She paid a lot of money and wanted her butt and face. She continued her rant and said she wanted to be friends with talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. The video ends with the woman wondering what her life would be like if she looked like Jay-Z.


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by Ben Davis posted Oct 24 2014 5:48AM
Zach Galifianakis has a web series called, "Between Two Ferns," his latest guest is Brad Pitt, and it's just kind of fantastic.

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 24 2014 5:15AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Oh the feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels this girl has when she realizes she'll never meet George Washington!!!

Coldplay for this girl!!

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 23 2014 7:33AM

The struuuuuuuuuuuuggle is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal!


by Ben Davis posted Oct 23 2014 6:00AM
This Tweet and Vine deserve to be applauded..... lol

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 23 2014 5:26AM
It's the "Circle of Life" mashed up with Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods"... masterfully created by Dan Chamberlain.

It's nothing short of amazing and you can hear it here....


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by Ben Davis posted Oct 22 2014 7:29AM
(Photo Credit: Tumblr)

So, this is starting to go viral on Tumblr.... and it's kind of fantastic. Shouts to WAVE 3!!!

Now, Alex thinks that Wave 3 hates her..... lol.

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 22 2014 6:05AM
(Photo Credit: iTunes)

.... so much so, that a track containing nothing but :08 of white noise was accidentally released under the album's name, 1989 yesterday shot to the top of Canada's iTunes chart almost immediately.

The release of the audio file, entitled "Track 3," was reportedly the result of an iTunes glitch — but that didn't stop fun loving Canadians from shelling out $1.29 to download the song.

Oh, the pain other artists must feel...

This Tweet sums it up nicely...
1989 will be out October 27th - preorder it HERE


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by Ben Davis posted Oct 21 2014 9:10AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

ICYMI: Over the weekend, University of Kentucky was kind enough to grant their #1 fan, Drake, a chance to warm up with the team before their Midnight Madness game.

Drake put up a shot and......

Nice. No rim, no backboard. Just an air-ball. Well done, Drake.

by Ben Davis posted Oct 21 2014 6:36AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

I've watched this no less than 5704257042 times and giggle every time. I can't.

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 20 2014 8:13AM
He gets his weiner caught in the doors of the subway... caught in the door!!

by Ben Davis posted Oct 20 2014 5:51AM
Alex got a chance to catch up with Demi Lovato before her show at the KFC Yum! Center!


Interviewed @ddlovato tonight! Look for the video on #lovatics #demilovato btw, IM THE ONE WHO TOLD HER @NickJonas congratulated her on being farted on SHE DIDNT KNOW YET

View on Instagram

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 20 2014 5:46AM
I was really hoping for this to fail....

by Ben Davis posted Oct 17 2014 8:58AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Taylor Swift is kind of amazing. She found a bunch of fans across the US and UK and invited them to hear her new album "1989" first!
These sessions were top secret and became known as the "1989 Secret Sessions." Here's how is all came together....

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by Kelly K posted Oct 17 2014 7:51AM
Old people are smart.

by Ben Davis posted Oct 17 2014 5:42AM
(Photo Credit: 9News)
Well, this is terrifying. A tropical spider burrowed into the skin of some guy in Australia and stayed there for THREE days before doctors finally figured out what was causing the nasty marks on his chest...... nope.

Doctors called in a dermatologist, who finally figured out the spider had got inside his skin via a scar from a recent appendectomy and plucked the spider from his skin.... OH MY LORD, NO!!!

The spider, which was dead when it was removed, has been sent off for tests, and Dylan is expected to learn what species it was in the coming days. He summed it all up by saying:


by Kelly K posted Oct 16 2014 9:30AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

Ummmm who knew B Pitt had skillz yo?

by Ben Davis posted Oct 16 2014 5:28AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Because it's Taylor Swift and kittens. No further explanation needed.

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 15 2014 7:24AM
Watch the students at U of L "Shake it Off"...... see that Taylor?


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by Kelly K posted Oct 15 2014 7:01AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

You NEED to meet Dancing Kevin. He's a staple at Columbus Blue Jackets games. And he's AMAZING.

In other great sports moments...anybody catch Steve Perry from Journey...singing along to Journey in the stands at the Giants' game??

As you were.

by Ben Davis posted Oct 14 2014 6:41AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Sara X has a "talent".... she can bounce her boobs to the tune of a song with no hands. She chose the Mozart classic "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". Indeed.

by Ben Davis posted Oct 14 2014 5:52AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

In honor of the Kansas City Royals recent playoff success, famed Kansas City burger joint, the Westport Flea Market, is offering a 1985 deal that offers their burgers at 1985 prices, which essentially discounts a $7.99 burger to just $2.99. News worthy. Soooooo, KCTV reporter Courtenay DeHoff stopped by to interview the owner, and when she asked if she could try one of the burgers the owner said, "Courtenay, I would love to see my meat in your mouth."


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by Ben Davis posted Oct 13 2014 5:51AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

This lady is a full-blown Internet celebrity now after she was filmed spending a bit longer than she should have trying to snap a selfie.

(some NSFW language)

by Kelly K posted Oct 6 2014 8:05AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

Seventeen-year-old Cody got his wisdom teeth out...and is a little upset Beyonce didn't come see him. The FEELS are REAL!!

by Ben Davis posted Oct 3 2014 6:49AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Thank you Emily for giving us this. It's the "Let Me Poop" remix of "Let It Go"..... and it's everything.

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 3 2014 5:10AM
Thank you TLC and thank you Florida.
Ol' Uncle Norm decided to cook (read: burn) some bacon.... then found some really big flies in his Florida home, So, he called 911. Seems legit.

According to the TLC series, "Outrageous 911," the man called the police because "big flies" invaded his home.


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by Ben Davis posted Oct 2 2014 8:28PM gonna be good.

Join us at The Laughing Derby Sunday October 12th at 7:15pm for some of the best comedy from Alex Reymundo, David Crowe,Tim Northern, Mike Armstrong, Mark Klein, Cleveland, Big John Richardson...mostly at Kelly's expense. It's all for a great cause...we're raising money for our Kosair Children's Hospital Radiothon!! (So...if you don't go, you hate children. That's not good.)

Get your tickets HERE! (And somebody bring some Arbor Mist and a crying rug. She's gonna need it.)

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 2 2014 4:50AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

This is pretty solid. Postmodern Jukebox decided, after a bunch of requests, to cover Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" saying...
Well, a bunch of you requested this one, and after hearing Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda," we just knew that we had to cover it. Watch Robyn Adele Anderson and guest banjoist Matt Bruer change the meaning of this song by rendering it as a bluegrass ditty.


by Ben Davis posted Oct 1 2014 12:21PM
(Photo Credit: Twitter)
Wow, what a story. There was a 10-year-old boy who had been reported missing for more than 14 hours when this reporter, who was reporting ON the missing boy, spotted him next door in a neighbor's yard.

See the crazy video of the reunion...



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by Ben Davis posted Oct 1 2014 6:32AM
(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Someone started a new Instagram account solely featuring texts from exes.... and it's kind of awesome.
Sometimes you just want to cuddle...

That Jamie Oliver cookbook though...

Drunk texts.... whoops.

Which Sesame Street character? Telly or Oscar the Grouch?

Sonicare's are expensive...


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