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Me in a nutshell?  Let’s start off with the fact I don’t believe in consequences.  If there’s something I want to do, I do it – damn the torpedoes.  I’m low key, but the life of the party.  I’m apathetic, yet insanely passionate.  I’m intelligent and still do ridiculously stupid things.  Basically, I’m a walking contradiction.  I’m a social drinker who knows his limits…at least that’s what I like to tell myself.  Want to know more?  Let’s go get a drink and make some bad decisions.

New Wes Anderson Flick

by Jake posted Oct 17 2013 12:53PM
I am a huge movie fan and consider myself a bit of a buff.  One of my all-time favorite directors, Wes Anderson (The Royal Tennenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox) is releasing his follow up to the critically acclaimed Moonrise Kingdom. There are a few things you can expect from a Wes Anderson movie - razor sharp wit, a star studded cast, and excellent direction.  Below is the trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Judging from the trailer, it will be another glowing success.  I can't wait! 

Trailer Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures
10/17/2013 1:13PM
New Wes Anderson Flick
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