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Map That Reveals Best-Selling Artist From Each State

by Ben Davis posted Feb 24 2014 11:52AM
A Reddit contributor named, Ooosh-E, recently used data from the RIAA’s list of 250 top-selling musicians in the United States to figure out each state’s best selling resident.

OBVIOUSLY Michael Jackson (who was born in Gary) is the best selling artist from Indiana.  Kenny Chesney takes it for Tennessee.... Rascall Flats for Ohio and...

John Michael Montgomery for Kentucky???

Wait.... Nirvana was beaten out in Washington by..... KENNY G?????? WTH???


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Location : GaryIndianaKentuckyOhioTennesseeWashington
02/24/2014 9:59AM
Map That Reveals Best-Selling Artist From Each State
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02/24/2014 6:18PM
Tim Davis
I just want to know where Joe Cocker is at!?!
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