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Hello, my name is Alex! I am also the self-proclaimed "Chicken Nugget Princess". I have worked for DJX since November 2012.  I am apart of the Ben Davis and Kelly K Show every morning, and I am the Middays Host 10a-3pm every day. I am obsessed with all things beauty. I have a serious skincare regimen and have even had to look into extra storage space for my collection! I love pink, Taylor Swift, decorating, high heels, and The Kardashians. I'm always looking for an adventure and to try something new- unless it's food...haha
by Alex posted May 13 2015 12:39PM

A Louisville Qdoba was caught on camera, for doing something AWESOME!

Check out the story from  WAVE 3:

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - All restaurants have their regulars, but the Qdoba on Hurstbourne Parkway in Louisville seems to have more than its fair share, maybe because of the philosophy put into words by its general manager.

"It's just not about making people's food," said Jim Schroeder. "It's about what kind of positive impact can I have on somebody else's day."

Several weeks ago, a couple of regulars and an employee all crossed paths and maybe taught us all something about kindness.

"We helped her get in because she was out in the parking lot so we helped her get in," said Dr. David Jones.

Dr. Jones shot the video but the story really belongs to Ridge Quarles and one of the customers he'd gotten to know over his five and a half years at the restaurant.

"She didn't get to get out of her house very often, but whenever she did, she always told me, 'Ridge, this is my most favorite place to eat,'" Quarles said.

We don't know her name or her story. Ridge said he would see her from time to time when she was dropped off by a TARC bus that helps people with disabilities.

"Sadly enough she has to sit outside the restaurant until someone notices her or another customer that's coming in has to let her into the building,” said Quarles. “By now, she's actually been in so many times that we know what she likes to eat."

That order: A taco salad with hot sauce and cheese for lunch, a burrito with hot sauce and cheese for dinner.

Quarles said, "I had helped her through (the) line and sat her out in the lobby, got her a drink, got her utensils and napkin and kind of started to walk off and I was like, you know,

'Is there anything else I can help you with?' and she turned around and she was like, 'Sir, if you don't mind could you help me eat?'"

“He didn't stop to think about, 'Well, should I help her, should I not,' he just went over, put the gloves on and started feeding her," said Jones.

Jones was so impressed he knew he had to get it on video.

"I said, I don't know, I think I'll just send it out to some of my friends and say, 'there's still some good people in the world,'" he said.

It was a simple act.

Quarles said, "I mean, she needs help and if I wasn't going to do it, no one was. Who else is going to do it?"

It only took Quarles a few minutes, but it's had a lasting impact

Jones said, "It seems to me that if everybody in the world would just use the little simple gift that they have to maybe benefit somebody else, think what the world would be like."

Quarles has since left Qdoba to take a full time job elsewhere. He says in his time there, he's gotten very close to some of the regulars. He's attended birthday parties and was even invited to attend a wedding of two regular guests.


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by Alex posted Feb 11 2015 2:24PM
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by Alex posted Feb 4 2015 10:50AM

Guys, Ella does NOT want to build a snowman. Please don't you dare ask again.



by Alex posted Dec 11 2014 1:09PM
Grab the tissues. You're going to need them. Well done UPS
by Alex posted Dec 2 2014 12:42PM

The song is called "The Hanging Tree" and it's from "The Hunger Games Mockingjay-Part1".

It has already sold over 150,000 downloads in the first week. They think it's heading for the Top 40 chart! GO JLAW!



by Alex posted Oct 23 2014 10:32AM

This new IKEA Halloween commercial is scarier than assembling furniture from pictures.


by Alex posted Oct 22 2014 12:49PM

Taylor has unleashed a new tease upon us from her "1989" album due out Monday October 27th. 

This one is called "Style" and RUMOR HAS IT it's about Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles!!


by Alex posted Oct 15 2014 11:27AM

Michelle Obama singlehandedly slayed the internet today by releasing this hilariously awkward Vine. And we have to love her for that.



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by Alex posted Oct 13 2014 12:08PM

Taylor Swift previewed her new song "Out Of The Woods" on Good Morning America this morning, and everyone weaped with happiness. 


by Alex posted Sep 12 2014 1:20PM

Paris Hilton paid a big sum for one very small dog.

The heiress-turned-DJ — who reportedly recently racked up $2.7 million to play four nights in Ibiza — spent $13,000 to purchase the world’s smallest Pomeranian, TMZ reports.

The pooch, named Mr. Amazing, weighs all of 11.6 ounces and is just 2.5 inches tall.

The 5-month-old pup was purchased from Betty’s Teacup Yorkies, who say he was bred in Calgary.

Hilton, 33, has been showing Mr. Amazing off via Instagram over the last few days. On Thursday, she captioned a photo of him: “I love him! Cutest thing on Earth! Love my new baby!”


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by Alex posted Sep 12 2014 1:04PM

Nick Jonas is always one to give back. And he did just that by doing a little strip tease at one of NYC's finest gay bars.

Yes please.



Nick tweeted that he has nothing but “love” for his gay fans because their support means a lot to him.

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by Alex posted Sep 12 2014 11:17AM

It doesn't get more awkward than this Watch these old people watch the Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer and read passages from the book.

WARNING: Some NSFW Content when they read passages from the book.


by Alex posted Sep 10 2014 10:13AM

#1, Marry me? #2, also marry me.

Shoutout to Delta Sigma Phi - Beta Mu, Transylvania University in Lexington cause they killed it.


by Alex posted Sep 3 2014 12:02PM

This time around, everyone's favorite Muppets have enlisted John Oliver's help to create the No. 1 name in alphabet-centric news: W-ORD.

This very cute and very pun-laden clip features John and Cookie Monster as they bring you the latest news on Sesame Street.

But they're not alone!

Nick OffermanTelly MonsterKate McKinnonAl Roker and Megan Mullally all stop by to serve as interviewees and correspondents.


Picture Credit: Perez Hilton Video
Read more: 

by Alex posted Sep 2 2014 9:58AM


In honor of Nev Schulman's new book out today, I decided to make a list of 10 of my favorite books that I've read in the last decade. There is no order, or genre, just books that have always stuck with me for personal reasons. 

What are your favorite books?

Here is my Top 10:

1.) Room by Emma Donoghue

2.) The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

3.) The Prince Of Tides by Pat Conroy

4.) The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

5.) The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

6.) A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

7.) The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

8.) The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve 

9.) The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

10.) Me and Emma by Elizabeth Flock


by Alex posted Aug 27 2014 1:06PM
This totally ADORABLE video of Drake buying Nicki Minaj snacks at a convenience store basically just solidifies the fact that THEY NEED TO DATE ALREADY geesh!

Photo Cred: Youtube

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by Alex posted Aug 26 2014 10:07AM

Chrissy Teigen is my favorite person on the internet right now. She posted this video of herself dancing to Sia "Chandelier" and I couldn't stop laughing!


So of course, Selena Gomez had to join in on the fun too!


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by Alex posted Aug 14 2014 11:49AM

The newest Facebook callenge gone viral comes from North Carolina's Kendell Smith. I think it's one we can all get behind.


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by Alex posted Aug 14 2014 10:45AM

This video is actually way too precious my heart literally HURTS.

PS: I think Cadence stole Kelly K's haircut...LOL

by Alex posted Aug 13 2014 12:51PM

1 word: DAYUMMMM

NSFW language-



by Alex posted Aug 13 2014 12:11PM

First of all. Who doesn't love Colbie Caillat? Watch her cover Magic!'s "Rude" HERE:


And for a less serious take on a song...YouTube comedian Miranda Sings covers Sia "Chandelier" and well...I just can't.


by Alex posted Aug 11 2014 11:13AM

And I think we can all agree that the world is a better place because of it.


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by Alex posted Aug 8 2014 11:58AM
An Improv group in NYC turned this subway station into a full on SPA! Lemon water, stone massages, steam and everything! Would you have tried this?
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by Alex posted Aug 6 2014 1:09PM

Lucas used to weigh over 300 pounds, and decided through hitting the gym hard and walking to work 5 miles each day, he was going to lose weight. He ended up losing 130 pounds, and kept it all a secret from his parents for over a year. Naturally, he decided to videotape their reaction and it makes you feel all the feels.


by Alex posted Aug 6 2014 12:11PM

If it wasn't official already, I think it has to be now. The President has covered Iggy Azalea's "Fancy", which in my book means it's definitely the song of the summer now.


by Alex posted Aug 5 2014 11:19AM

I think it's safe to say she's more excited about Katy Perry coming to the Yum Center than you...


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by Alex posted Aug 1 2014 11:49AM

This is the funniest/saddest/cutest thing I think I've ever seen. That combined with the fact that the babies name is "Dot" takes this over the edge for me.


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by Alex posted Jul 29 2014 2:33PM

*NSYNC dropped a brand new album on us Beyonce style this morning and not only did *NSYNC not know about it, we didn't even know!!!!

IS THIS REAL LIFE?! YES! The Album is called "The Essential", and Lance Bass even tweeted about it!



Here's the tracklist:

Disc 1

1. Here We Go [Radio Cut] (3:34)
2. I Want You Back [Radio Edit] (3:20)
3. Tearin' up My Heart [Original Radio Edit] (3:26)
4. God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You [Remix] (3:58)
5. Thinking of You (I Drive Myself Crazy) (4:00)
6. For the Girl Who Has Everything [Radio Mix] (3:55)
7. Are You Gonna Be There (4:06)
8. Music of My Heart (4:31)
9. Bye Bye Bye (3:19)
10. It's Gonna Be Me (3:11)
11. This I Promise You [Radio Edit] (4:26)
12. I Thought She Knew (3:20)
13. I Believe in You (4:57)
14. If I'm Not the One (3:21)
15. Pop [Radio Version] (2:55)
16. Girlfriend [The Neptunes Remix] (4:43)
17. Gone [Album Version] (4:51)

Disc 2

1. More Than a Feeling (3:44)
2. Best of My Life (4:45)
3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (3:10)
4. Sailing (4:36)
5. Everything I Own (3:57)
6. God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You (4:38)
7. Somewhere, Someday (4:06)
8. Trashin' the Camp (2:24)
9. If Only in Heaven's Eyes (4:37)
10. You Don't Have to Be Alone (4:33)
11. On the Line (3:18)
12. That Girl (Will Never Be Mine) (3:25)
13. Falling (3:48)
14. Feel the Love (3:08)
15. Selfish (4:19)
16. See Right Through You (2:52)
17. Believe in Yourself

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by Alex posted Jul 28 2014 10:32AM

Goat beatbox...oh heck yeah


by Alex posted Jul 23 2014 1:17PM

Not just any birthday cards though, birthday cards with HIS name on them.

Danny Nickerson, a five-year-old Massachusetts boy with a rare form of chemotherapy-resistant cancer, is turning six on Friday, and all he wants for his birthday: 'a box of cards.' 

Danny was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last October. According to ABC News, doctors say that less than 10per cent of children with the disease, called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glimoma, live longer than 18 months. 

Since he had to drop out of kindergarten, Danny's mother says he occasionally feels lonely - but he gets really excited to receive cards with his name on them.

Carley Nickerson says her son can identify his name, and when he saw it on packages at Easter, 'he was so happy.'


Here's his address:

Danny Nickerson

P.O. Box 212

Foxboro, MA 02035

The Easter presents he received were from Magical Fairy Missions, an organization that sends mailings to children with brain tumors, as well as their siblings. 

At this point, Danny is getting chemotherapy every two weeks, and despite the 18-month outlook, his mother remains optimistic.

'I don't really believe in that. He is doing great,' she said. 'Every day is a blessing.'

The Nickersons lives in Foxboro, a small town about 22 miles south of Boston. Besides Danny, Carley and Dan Nickerson have one other son, Matthew, who's four years old. 

According to the Danny's Warriors Facebook page, an account Mrs Nickerson created to keep everyone updated on her son's progress, Danny was first diagnosed after he complained of having double vision.


Story Source


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by Alex posted Jul 21 2014 12:23PM

Jessie is my new Hero. For holding an open "boyfriend audition", but also calling out Natalie Portman.



by Alex posted Jul 21 2014 11:14AM

How is this for the cutest video of the day?


by Alex posted Jul 16 2014 12:47PM

Oh no! The girl featured in my favorite meme ever might be suing Instagram!

Memes are to Instagram as videos are to Vine: a complete necessity. If you sift through the selfies, food porn, and dog photos, you get to see to heart of what Instagram really is…hilarious memes. Nobody knows this more than Alabama teen Keisha Johnson, whose face was made a staple of Instagram not too long ago.

Johnson’s confused “WTF-face” was appropriate for almost any occasion, and the social media platform quickly took notice. The now infamous “WTF-face” was posted onto thousands and thousands of memes. Granted, it’s understandable that Johnson wasn't too pleased with her picture going viral given that it wasn’t the best photo of her.  Johnson, also known as the “confused girl,” is now suing Instagram for $500 million for defamation of character. Johnson states, “My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up…I look nothing like that in really life…I’m really a bad b*tch!”

Too bad suing the company isn’t actually going to work. Remember those pesky “terms and conditions” nobody actually reads? Well, in Instagram's case they state that the users of the social network are responsible for the content they share.

So, in reality, Johnson should be suing her friend who uploaded the picture. Technically she is the one responsible for starting the “confused girl” movement.

UPDATE: Sources are now confirming this story to be a hoax. Thank goodness. Cause I love confused face girl.

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by Alex posted Jul 16 2014 12:06PM

Tessa is my new hero!

Like any other toddler Tessa Evans loves to dance, climb furniture and blow kisses.

But she suffers from a condition which means she was born with no nose. The 17-month-old has complete congenital arhinia, which is so rare there have only been 47 recorded cases in Britain.

Tessa has no sense of smell and no sinuses but she can cough, sneeze and catch a cold. And despite her difficulties, she always has a smile on her face, says her mother Gráinne. When her daughter was born with no nose Mrs Evans says her head was full of questions.

‘But since we got her home her differences have faded into the background,’ she said

Tessa will have a prosthetic nose fitted later this year.

‘She is perfect to us but we have to think about what will make life as normal as possible for her,’ said Mrs Evans of Maghera, Co Derry.



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by Alex posted Jul 15 2014 1:37PM

I can vouch for girls everywhere, every single thing on this list is true!


1. Say “is it okay if I take my pants off” before taking their pants off and remarking about how cute their underwear is and where they bought it.

2. Joke about having pillow fights in their underwear because that’s a cliched thing we’re told men fantasize about/think girls do when they’re alone together.

3. Talk about sex. Great sexual experiences, awkward sexual experiences, rude sexual experiences, what they like, what they hate, etc, etc, etc. If lots of liquor is involved, and the stars are aligned, demonstrations may follow.

4. Pull their hair into a messy knot on the tippy top of their head and lay in bed together, texting.

5. Sleep in the same bed and fall asleep giggling about nothing.

6. Give each other back rubs while watching TV.

7. Get each other Monday night wasted while ‘watching’ The Bachelor.

8. Tell each other secrets. Like, that they are worried about money or cheated on their boyfriend or that. Bragging is reserved for “I HAVE NEWS” texts or brunches and happy hours. Dark thoughts = secrets.

9. Do gross things like pick zits, belch, and talk about periods and UTIs.

10. Compare nipple sizes and breast texture.

11. Take several rounds of front-facing camera group selfies.

12. Gather around a lap top and creep on crushes or exes current girlfriends.

13. Disect the characters on reality television shows with the precision of doctoral psychology students.

14. Sit cross-legged on the floor and do their makeup in front of a mirror.

15. Alternatively, share their makeup until it’s in one gigantic, homogenous pile in the sink.

16. Ask questions about what they think the future will be like, or what they want to accomplish, or what kind of person they think they will end up with and give sincere, thoughtful answers.

17. Devour food in decidedly un-ladylike fervor.

18. Browse through their selfie collection and wonder aloud whether they were prettier in 2010, to a chorus of “um no”s.

19. Have Sheryl Crow debut album-era singalongs.

20. Face masks and deep conditioning.

21. Feel completely comfortable and happy and understood, for once.




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by Alex posted Jul 15 2014 12:50PM

Now I need a sloth more than ever.


by Alex posted Jul 10 2014 1:43PM

This is totally NSFW but absolutely HYSTERICAL. Enjoy!


by Alex posted Jul 10 2014 12:09PM

This amazing story of Emmett, a 3 year old boy, and his 90 year old neighbor Erling will really make your heart swell. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. It just proves that friendships can be made anywhere, even unlikely places with unlikely people. This is a story you'll want to share with your friends and family no doubt about it.


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by Alex posted Jul 9 2014 12:03PM

Colbie really inspires with this new song "Try". She features all sorts of women and throughout the video you see them really "take it all off". As in makeup! Colbie even takes her weave AND photoshop off! Big claps to Colbie and her team for this INSPIRING video.

by Alex posted Jul 7 2014 12:58PM
Oh, this is why. This young woman named Holly posted this picture just a few days ago, and not surprisingly it has taken over the internet. What are your thoughts?
by Alex posted Jul 2 2014 11:31AM

This guy hired a biker gang to pretend to have a road rage fight with him, so he could propose. The video is CRAZY. I wouldn't like this at all! Do you agree or disagree?



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by Alex posted Jul 1 2014 11:59AM

Glen Keane who brought us Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and The Beast just created this new short film called "Duet", and it's breath taking. 



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by Alex posted Jun 30 2014 12:44PM

This police department from Waltham, Massachusettes tweeted a photo making fun of a kid who wrecked during their Drivers Ed lesson. Too harsh or hilarious?



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by Alex posted Jun 25 2014 12:40PM


Conceptual artists Bompas & Parr created the boobtastic bouncy castle. Titled "Jump for Joy," the piece is part of a new exhibit called "Funland: Pleasures and Perils of the Erotic Underground," at New York City's Museum of Sex. 

The video is on another level...


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by Alex posted Jun 19 2014 12:53PM

I cannot EVEN with this couple. These 'Notebook' inspired engagement photo's are more on point then the kids on Dance Mom's. A big slow clap for them!









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by Alex posted Jun 13 2014 11:54AM

Congratulations internet! You've now made it possible to buy a celebrity's soul in a mason jar. Impressed? Yes. Creeped out? Only a little.

Click Here to see how this extraordinary item could become a reality for you and your family.

by Alex posted Jun 10 2014 10:58AM

MLB's official twitter tweeted the lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Love Story", but changed it to "Glove Story". 
Literally. Dying.


Click HERE for more

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by Alex posted Jun 10 2014 10:16AM

Meet "Pig" the dog. She was born with a birth defect of the spine, but despite looking different, she is still loving every minute of every day. A definite feel good video!



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by Alex posted May 27 2014 12:02PM

Oh my gosh! Glad he's okay, but this is hysterical.



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by Alex posted May 12 2014 10:30AM
How. Stinkin. Cute.
by Alex posted May 12 2014 10:20AM
by Alex posted May 5 2014 12:06PM

Khloe posted this picture to her Instagram over the weekend of her "new waist" and OMG I think Kim might have some serious competition. 



by Alex posted May 1 2014 11:59AM
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by Sarah Jordan posted Apr 17 2014 12:10PM

Courtney and Kurt back in the day!!! Can you say creepy?!



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by Alex posted Apr 17 2014 12:06PM
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by Alex posted Apr 8 2014 12:03PM

I. Just. Can't.



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by Alex posted Apr 7 2014 11:21AM

Taylor Swift BLEW MY MIND. She's my first pic. Miranda Lambert comes in 2nd. I just thought this look was a great risk for Taylor. What do you think?



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by Alex posted Mar 25 2014 2:13PM

Saw this on Perez Hilton. Kinda crazy!!!

"According to newly translated documents, there may have been a real woman named Rose on the RMS Titanic who not only survived the infamous wreck- she wrote about it!

Letters dated in 1955 and signed by a Rose Amélie Icard describe in terrifying detail the scene on that fateful night:

"Towards eleven o'clock Mrs. Stone [Icard's employer] and I went to bed. Three quarters of an hour later, as the liner was cruising at full speed, a terrifying shock threw us out of bed…

…we witnessed unforgettable scenes where horror mixed with the most sublime heroism. Women, still in evening gowns, some just out of bed, barely clothed, disheveled, distraught, scrambled for the boats…

Near me were two handsome elderly [people], Mr. and Mrs. Straus, proprietors of the great store Macy's of New York. She refused to go into the boat after having helped in her maid…

She put her arms around the neck of her husband, telling him: 'We have been married 50 years, we have never left each other, I want to die with you.'"

Wow. That was just as harrowing and sad and romantic as the James Cameron movie! How incredible!"

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by Alex posted Mar 24 2014 12:48PM
Look's like Selena hasn't wasted any time finding a new BFF. Thanks to Selena's Bieb habit gone bad, Taylor dropped her like a bad habit. And now it looks like Selena has taken solace in her new pal KENDALL JENNER?! Wait,what?! Since when arethey friends?! We've NEVER seen pics of them hanging out!? I guess Selener had to find SOMEONE who wouldn't mind talking about Bieber over burritos. 
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by Alex posted Mar 20 2014 11:43AM

TAYLOR, WHY!?!!??!!

Apparetly the new do is just for a movie role *phew*. She has a small part in the new movie "The Giver" coming out soon. And people are speculating that it's just a wig. Thank the Lord.

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by Alex posted Mar 19 2014 1:14PM

Some genius decided it would be a great idea to let a Playmate lay down and have some dude wack a golf ball off her butt. Didn't end to well. the guy hit part of her cheek when he swung. OUCH!



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by Alex posted Mar 17 2014 1:22PM
Taylor Swift has a Doppleganger. Her name is Pattie Boyd, and was a model in the 1960s. Just Like Taylor , Pattie (who is now 70) has a history of dating extremely famous men. She's been married to former Beatle George Harrison and guitar legend Eric Clapton. She also had a fling with Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, which would have been like dating one of the One Direction boys. 
by Alex posted Mar 13 2014 10:46AM

Lea Michelle's debut album "Louder" SLAYS the Billboard chart. Debuts #5 in the states, and #1 in ELEVEN countries. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! 



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by Alex posted Mar 13 2014 10:15AM
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by Alex posted Mar 12 2014 12:59PM
by Alex posted Mar 10 2014 12:09PM

Miley performed the song "23" at her Milwaukee concert over the weekend, in her actual bra and underwear. Shockingly not on purpose. She actually missed an outfit change!


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by Alex posted Mar 7 2014 11:31AM





by Sarah Jordan posted Mar 4 2014 12:01PM

This makes me entirely too uncomfortable. She's of age but IT'S STILL WEIRD! SHE'S ON NICKELODEON!


by Alex posted Mar 3 2014 10:31AM

I want to be Selena when I grow up.


by Alex posted Feb 26 2014 12:50PM

COSMO posted these 8 tips on why we should be using dry shampoo MORE and regular shampoo LESS and I thought it was brilliant.


1. It keeps your curls from clumping together. If you want your curls to be piece-y and imperfect, keep them from clumping together in a uniform wave by spraying a starch-based dry shampoo, like Dove's Dry Shampoo, all over your hair after you curl it. The starch in the dry shampoo coats your hair and makes it dry and matte, covering your hair's natural oils, so your curls don't intertwine and make a master wave.

2. It boosts volume in one spray. "I usually tell my clients to flip their head upside down, since the gravity will help increase the volume as you add in the dry shampoo," he says. After that, make sure to concentrate the dry shampoo at your roots first, and then finish by spraying it all over to add some texture and volume all around.

3. It helps lock in your hair when you backcomb. "Anytime I'm creating an updo that involves backcombing, I always spray dry shampoo on the section, and then backcomb it to help lock in the tease," Townsend says. "It just holds so much better that way."

4. It adds grip to bobby pins. To keep bobby pins from slipping out of your hair when you're doing an updo, spray them all over with dry shampoo to give them some grip first. Townsend uses this trick on the celebs that he sends down the runway to ensure their hair stays in place.

5. It adds a subtle hold to your hair. Dry shampoo offers a little hold, but unlike hairspray it won't leave you with helmet hair of any kind. It gives you that touchable hold that you can still runs your hair through.

6. It keeps your bangs from sticking to your forehead. Spraying it under your bangs only will keep your fringe from sticking to the oil on your forehead. You don't need to spray dry shampoo all over your bangs — the underneath is the most important part. It keeps your fringe together nicely as well.

7. It can help you reverse your style. If you wear a slicked back style one day and the next day you don't have time to wash it but want it to look windblown, spray dry shampoo all over your hair and then brush it through with a paddle brush. You need to work the products out of your hair that slicked it back initially, so the dry shampoo will help reverse your hair texture back.

8. It can help conceal dark roots if you're a blonde. If you're trying to cover up dark regrowth, you have to go for a powder dry shampoo instead of a starch-y one, because that formula will impart white powder onto your roots that help cover them up. TryKlorane Gentle Dry Shampoo Powder.


-I personally LOVE Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray ($42). It's a cult favorite with celebrity hairstylists, and most celebs even keep a mini bottle in their purse! It's just the right amout of "grit" and really gives my hair some body. I have a lot of hair but it's very fine. This works AMAZINGLY on clean or 2nd day hair.


-If you want a cheaper alternative, I love PSSSSST! Dry Shampoo ($5.99) which is available at most drugstores. 



Here's the full link to Cosmopolitan's story

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by Alex posted Feb 24 2014 12:31PM

Check out this chick doin' the stanky junior prom had nothin' on her

"Mom i'm a man. I can eat leaves if I want."


"I know I saw the cheese sticks in here yesterday Julia, dad must have eaten them all. That pig."


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by Alex posted Feb 24 2014 8:44AM


My very own drink from Brown-Forman! It's called "Alex's Birthday Cocktail".

1 1/2 oz Little Black Dress Pineapple Honey Vodka

ADD with lemonade and sprinkles!

Thanks to Brittany from Brown-Forman...the How-To hostess! #PinterestPrincess 

by Alex posted Feb 21 2014 10:26AM
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People : Autistic
by Alex posted Feb 20 2014 10:38AM
These kids reenacting these Oscar nominated films is the greatest thing you'll see all day.

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People : Oscar Nominees
by Alex posted Feb 20 2014 6:46AM
Ugh, I am thoroughly dissapointed in the Bonnaroo lineup this year. I just think there are so many artists they missed out on. Lana Del Rey, Outkast, Ellie Goulding, Avicii, and Yelawolf to name a few... #sorrynotsorry Let me know what you think of the lineup in the comments below.
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by Alex posted Feb 18 2014 11:22AM
by Alex posted Feb 10 2014 11:34AM

OMG as if Ed Sheeran could get any cuter!? #swoon


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