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by Ben Davis posted Mar 5 2015 6:52AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

This is so great. YouTuber Mikey Bolts has uploaded a video covering Marc Ronson/Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" in all your favorite cartoon voices.

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by Ben Davis posted Mar 5 2015 5:15AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

You know those annoying preroll ads on YouTube? Well, Geico knows that, so they made the "unskippable" ad... hahaha!

by Ben Davis posted Mar 2 2015 4:56AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

SNL just delivered a PERFECT spoof of Sara Bareilles' "Brave" - haha! The bathroom scene at the end = done! lolol


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by Kelly K posted Feb 27 2015 6:06AM
Photo Credit:  YouTube


by Ben Davis posted Feb 27 2015 5:52AM


This is one of the best high-speed chases you'll ever see.  Yesterday in Arizona, a couple of llamas made a run for it after a visit at a senior center.  Oh should probably spend a few minutes with this!

More HERE.  And even more HERE.


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by Ben Davis posted Feb 27 2015 5:26AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

If you haven't seen this yet, you should.  This was uploaded in January, and it's catching fire now. Sam Tsui and Casey Breves sing Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" and Sam Smith's "I'm Not The Only One" at the same time, and it is perfection.


More HERE.

Want another one?  This one's pretty good too...
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by Ben Davis posted Feb 25 2015 6:14AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

This is so great.  Some Target customers have recently been caught misusing the store’s shopping baskets. Several photos showing folks not holding the baskets, but rather dragging them and their entire rack around as if the rack was meant to have wheels, have appeared on Reddit. I love everything about this...

That's not how that works...

Are you sure?

I mean, you can't talk about Target without bringing up SNL's "Target Lady."

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by Ben Davis posted Feb 25 2015 4:41AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

People are saying this baby's laugh sounds like a troll.  Either way, it's AWESOME!

by Ben Davis posted Feb 24 2015 8:54AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Jimmy Fallon and Christina Aguilera played a game called "Wheel Of Musical Impressions." You gotta watch Christina impersonate Britney Spears... FLAWLESSLY!

by Ben Davis posted Feb 24 2015 6:10AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Oh, little crab watch out... don't go near the water for a drink... don't do it... nooooooooooo!!  Australia is just a different country.....where octopus' climb OUT of the water, grab crabs, then take it back under the water for lunch.  Uh no thanks.

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