Morning Show Internship with The Ben Davis & Kelly K Show:

Job Description..

  1. Work closely with Ben Davis & Kelly K learning the roles each play in executing a daily show
  2. Updating and maintaining the morning show website.
  3. Search for stories that are quirky and interesting nationally, locally and personally.
  4. Interview people "on the street."
  5. Flexible work hours 6am-9am
You need to be...
  1. Outgoing and fun
  2. Willing to share aspects of your life with the listening audience
  3. Able to drive
  4. Able to operate a video camera
  5. Comfortable with Photoshop and basic website maintenance
  6. A morning person!

This is an unpaid internship.  However, you will have many benefits including at times free food, free CDs, free concert tickets, and more.  You will gain first-hand knowledge of the business that is radio, network, get your foot into the door of a new and exciting career and most importantly... you will HAVE FUN!

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