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by Ben Davis posted Mar 19 2014 5:44AM
Howdy y’all!
The more time I spend at 99.7 WDJX on the Ben Davis and Kelly K. Morning Show, the more I love my internship. I’m always learning something new, and I feel more and more comfortable around the studio. I get to be involved with a little bit of everything, which is helping me see what it’s really like to work in the industry.
The thing that I really enjoy about the internship is that I get to participate in activities that I would have never even thought about. An example is when I was the human rock for the curling competition for Ben and Kelly’s Olympics. Adding on to that I also helped Kelly win the wheelbarrow race, which ultimately pushed her to be the overall winner of their Olympics (And for the record we did not cheat… we were just clever haha).
One thing that I have grown to love is being behind the audio board. At first I hated running the board, it was very intimidating and I was deathly afraid of making a mistake. Having said that, I made my fair amount of mistakes, but now I look forward to the nine o’clock hour where I normally run the board. It’s nice knowing that Ben and Kelly trust me with that responsibility.
Getting to spend time with Ben, Kelly, and Alex has been a real pleasure because they treat you like family, and welcome you with open arms. I have never been scared to ask a question or have something repeated because they are so willing to help. I always tell people I have the best internship in the world because I’m not treated like a normal intern. I am treated like a normal employee, which is really great because it is preparing me for a real job.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
- Intern Reyna aka “Sassy Latina”

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03/19/2014 5:46AM
Intern Reyna aka “Sassy Latina” Blog
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